Safelincs Sponsor Alford’s Under 10s Football Team

Safelincs are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Alford’s Under 10s football team through the forthcoming season. On Saturday the team were officially presented with their new, branded kit. The team have just finished their most successful season yet, winning 13 out of 18 games.

Angie Dewick-Eisele presents Ollie Willett with the new football kit

Angie Dewick-Eisele, Safelincs’ HR Manager, said “It was great to see the team play, they really showed talent for the game and great team spirit”. She went on to say “We are proud to be sponsoring the under 10s and we are really looking forward to following the team over the forthcoming season”.

Safelincs were approached by Ollie Willett, Team Manager, earlier in the year with a view to sponsoring the new kit. Ollie said “It is great to have a local company sponsor us. We are really grateful for the support and love our new kit”.

Angie Dewick-Eisele

Angie Dewick-Eisele

H&S, HR & Marketing Manager

Angie has been our marketing manager since joining in 2002. She also has a keen interest in H&S issues.

Increasing global fire safety sales

As Britain looks to secure more global business beyond Europe, Safelincs is happy to report that it is growing its international trade. Safelincs has for years been actively selling across the world with about 5 to 10% of turnover generated overseas.  Safelincs operates internationally with websites and teams in France, Ireland, Germany and Italy. We also offer an international distribution service for global companies. For example, Safelincs recently distributed smoke/CO alarms to 50000 recipients on behalf of one the world’s largest holiday operators to Asia, Europe and Africa. The largest part of our exports is, however, generated by our team of international sales specialists based at our headquarters in Alford, UK. International customers receive a personalised service with all their legal and transport requirements taken care off. We offer Certificates of Origin, exclusivity statements, we support VAT refund for ex-works orders, accept LoC, can quote in GBP, USD or Euro and offer specialist dangerous goods handling and shipping for pressurised vessels (extinguishers, gas containers etc), ionisation smoke alarms and so on.

These international orders have accelerated since June 2016 due to the drop of the cost of Pound Sterling against USD and Euro, making Safelincs’ products very competitive. This is particularly benefiting UK-manufactured products. Here some examples of Safelincs’ export sales:

A leading fire safety and security services provider in Saudi Arabia recently bought UK-manufactured evacuation chairs. These evacuation products provide safe evacuation of mobility-impaired persons in case of emergencies.

A major supplier of electricity in the Maldives purchased UK-manufactured rotationally-moulded fire extinguisher cabinets. These rugged cabinets are robust, built to last and can hold two extinguishers up to 9 litre/kg size. Corrosion- and shatter-proof, they offer important features, including the ability to be wall, floor, post or vehicle mounted and can be provided with key lock as well as an battery-operated alarm.

A supplier of lighting fixtures and electrical equipment based in Qatar bought 50 panic bolt locks. These devices secure external fire exit doors against burglary without jeopardising a safe escape in an emergency.

If your company also wishes to benefit from Safelincs’ international supply, please fill in our contact form on our international page or email to receive dedicated quotes and information from our team.

Harry Dewick-Eisele

Harry Dewick-Eisele

Managing Director

MD and founder of Safelincs. Harry has a wealth of in-depth knowledge of all aspects of fire safety and related legislation.

Fire prevention and fire fighting on wind farms

Wind Turbine FireResearch undertaken by Imperial College London in conjunction with Edinburgh University and the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in 2014 found that fire is the second largest cause of incidents in wind turbines after blade failure. Considering the vast costs for constructing wind turbines, this statistic offers enough justification to consider specific fire prevention, detection and fighting questions.

Fires in wind turbines can start when flammable materials such as hydraulic oil and other flammable materials are in proximity to hot machinery or electrical equipment. Oils can catch fire if the gearbox or generator overheat, and high winds can potentially fan the flames. Lightening strikes can also spark a fire. Once started, the fire is unlikely to be brought under control due to the height of the turbines and the location of wind farms, which are normally a significant distance from the nearest fire services.

Fire precautions

Measures can be put in place to protect against lightning strikes. Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and lubricant oils reduce the likelihood of a fire and the latest wind turbine designs incorporate heat barriers to protect materials that can burn. It is also recommended that manufacturers use non-combustible insulating materials. Intumescent materials (materials that expand if exposed to fire and therefore choke the fire) can help to suppress fires at an early stage. Systems can be installed to continuously monitor the condition of machinery so that maintenance and engineering work can be undertaken in a timely manner and the system can be shut down before a fire develops.

Should a fire break out there are fire detection systems that can be employed in conjunction with fire suppression systems and an automated shut-off. If a fire were to break out whilst an engineer was working within the nacelle (the outer casing at the top of a turbine) a fire detector would also give an early warning.

Fire suppression systems that are triggered by rises in temperature or by fire detectors are fitted in some turbines. Gas suppression systems work best in airtight environments. However if the ignition source has not been eliminated the fire may reignite once the gas has dispersed. Systems that are able to extinguish flames with water, foam or powder have the disadvantage that they might damage equipment. Automated suppression systems might also have to be disabled while engineer work in the nacelle to prevent suffocation, inhalation or, in the case of powder, obfuscation (a powder discharge in a small room can blind the operator).

Precautions for maintenance workers

For the periods of maintenance work a portable fire extinguisher should be provided. However, in the document Workshop Report: Escape from the nacelle in the event of a fire, produced by the G9 Offshore Wind Health & Safety Association it states that ‘a fire extinguisher should be considered as an aid to escape rather than a primary means of fire control/suppression.’

Safelincs spoke with representatives of one of its customers, energy company Vattenfall, regarding the siting of fire extinguishers. The company has turbines from a number of manufacturers. In some cases the portable extinguishers are situated as a permanent fixture within the nacelle. In other cases the engineer will carry an extinguisher with him as part of his tool kit.

Recommendation from Safelincs

1) For permanently installed portable extinguishers:

The downside of standard fire extinguishers is that they require an annual service carried out by a qualified extinguisher engineer and a refill needs to be undertaken for most extinguishers after five years with the unit replaced after ten years. Since a visit to turbines by an external extinguisher engineer is usually hard to achieve, a service-free fire extinguisher is a better solution.

Safelincs can offer a range of service-free foam extinguishers in 2 ltr and 6 ltr sizes. These fire extinguishers are manufactured in the UK from non-corrosive materials and feature duplicate pressure gauges. They only require an annual visual check by any member of staff, e.g. the turbine maintenance engineer. They also do not require a refill after five years. Instead, after ten years they can be refilled and used for a further ten years.

The resistance to a corrosive maritime environment makes these extinguishers particularly well suited to the wind farm industry.

2) For extinguishers carried by the maintenance engineer:

The extinguisher in this case must be light, broad spectrum, safe for use on electricity, non-damaging to equipment and harmless in the case of inhalation. There must also be no risk of asphyxiation.

Safelincs can offer a range of portable water mist extinguishers, which can be used on grease, oils, electric equipment (up to 1000 Volt), fabric and plastics. The extinguishers create a very fine mist of de-ionised water that cannot conduct electricity. The inhalation of the water mist is not harmful and the mist does not leave a deposit.

For further information, please email or ring us on 0800 612 6537

Safelincs fundraising for CAPT

CAPT Child Accident Prevention TrustThis month CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) are raising awareness about carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO, a gas that you can not see, smell or taste, can kill and is dubbed the ‘silent killer’.

Safelincs support CAPT in the great work that they do and we are pleased to announce the most recent donation of £554 this quarter. “This is another fantastic result and your generosity is much appreciated by all of us at the charity”, said Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust.

To protect your family and help raise funds for CAPT, purchase a FireAngel CO-9X or a CO-9D. A carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to detect CO, giving you the ability to leave your home and call for help. It could save your life.

Donation opens doors

wheelchair-accessAlford Corn Exchange Community Group, a charity supported by Safelincs, took over the running of Alford’s historic Corn Exchange in April 2014. The building is a Town Hall and home to many groups and events. East Lindsey District Council, who had planned to close and sell off the building, handed the building to the group, leaving them with the responsibility of raising enough money to cover the running costs and to make improvements to the building.

To increase income the charity started to offer packages for weddings, funerals and parties. However, fire doors became a problem when events became larger in scope and visitor numbers. The building is fitted with heavy internal fire doors that close with force when you let go of the handle. Carrying food and drinks from the kitchen to the main hall was a real problem, as volunteers had to negate two heavy fire doors into the main hall.

Safelincs was contacted by Vice Chair Janet Taylor to see if there was anything that Safelincs could do to help. It was quickly identified that fitting Freedor, a wireless free-swing door closer that acts as door holder and closer in one, would resolve the issues at the Corn Exchange. Freedor is fitted to the top of the door in the same location as a normal overhead door closer and will allow your fire door to swing freely as any normal door.

The Freedor unit listens for the fire alarm and on hearing it it will automatically close the door and stop the spread of fire and smoke.

The Freedor ensures that occupants have free access to all areas of the building whilst staying compliant with fire safety regulations. The free swing action also enables people with impaired mobility to move from one room to another without difficulty.

Safelincs decided to support the great efforts of the charity and donated two Freedor units as well as the installation. Janet Taylor said “I would like to say what a difference the new door closers, that your company have generously donated and installed, have made to me and other volunteers who are working and serving food at the functions we are now having in the Corn Exchange.” She went on to mention that “Before it was never easy carrying trays etc into the main hall. I am sure that other caterers who hire our facilities will also appreciate what you have done.”

For more information about Freedor and other free-swing door closers visit

Safelincs launches new website version

Responsive Mobile WebsiteWe have just completed a major overhaul of our Safelincs fire safety website, with our inhouse web designers and developers working for almost a year on a complete coding overhaul. Most of the changes will be invisible to the users, although the site is running faster, which is always welcome. However, there were some great improvements which should give an improved browsing experience. While we had a mobile website for years, our new responsive skin allows users to take benefit of all the features of our website, whether they are on a mobile, a tablet or a PC. The site moulds incredibly elegantly around every device.

Another beautiful change is the new, visually supported drop-down menu which makes browsing sections rapid and intuitive. A great way to explore our huge product range of over 4000 fire safety products and services.

Responsive Safelincs Skin

Explore for yourself on Safelincs fire safety

Primary Times promote our smoke alarm reminder service

Primary times, a magazine written for teachers, parents and children in the UK has written an article promoting our smoke alarm reminder service.

In conjunction with Fire Kills we are encouraging people to test their smoke alarms when the clocks change on March 25th 2012. Primary times is helping us spread this message. The article not only encourages readers to test their alarms on the 25th but to also set up a free reminder using our reminder service to alert them to test their smoke alarms on a regular basis.

If you are interested in setting up a reminder to test your alarms on a regular basis please visit our reminders page

Go on, push that button, it might save your life.

Candle Fire Safety Week November 14th – 20th

Candles are a common site in many homes and now that the dark nights are drawing in, the number of candles being lit is increasing. However, the beauty of candles is linked to a risk. Last year candles were the cause of over 1,000 fires across England and many Fire Brigades are encouraging the general public this week to think carefully about safety when using candles.

When setting out candles to be lit it is very important to consider the surface they sit on, they should always be placed on a non-flammable base such as a glass or porcelain dish or on a candle stick. When the candle burns down the base of it can get very hot and could cause the surface underneath to ignite if not protected. A hotel fire, at Burstin Grand Hotel in 2009, was caused through a guest putting a tea light on top of the television, forgetting to blow it out before they left the room. The candle burnt through and set the television alight.

Candles should be placed away from curtains and and other combustible materials such as books, bedding and soft furnishings. Ensure that children can not reach them or knock them over. When a candle is tipped and hot wax is spilled it can ignite very quickly.

Ensure that any matches or lighters used to light candles are kept well out of reach of children and that children know about the dangers of playing with them.

Ensure that you have a working smoke alarm in the rooms where you are burning candles and that you test them regularly. A candle can put you, your home and your family at risk. Do not underestimate the dangers candles pose and use them with caution whilst enjoying their atmosphere.

For more information go to

Extinguisher leasing now available

With our extinguisher lease contracts our customers now have an attractive alternative to purchasing extinguishers outright.  The lease agreement can be taken out for a chosen number of  years, allowing you to hand over the responsibility for installation and yearly extinguisher maintenance to us at fixed yearly costs. The costing for the lease contracts is based on our competitive online prices for fire extinguishers and servicing, so you can be certain to be offered a very attractive lease pricing.

Unlike most lease contracts you can cancel this agreement with us at any time (subject to the purchase of the final extinguisher value).

Included in the contract is a FREE site survey to ensure that you have selected the correct extinguishers to cover your premises as well as the yearly maintenance checks and consumables that are required throughout the contract duration.

You have the peace of mind that all the work on your fire extinguishers will be carried out in accordance with BS5306 by our BAFE registered engineers.

To work out the yearly costs, select the extinguishers you require and the number of years you want the contract for and the system will instantly give you a yearly payment amount. You can then continue with the order process.

Any questions, please ring 0800 612 6537

How the launch of our new website will benefit you

This week sees the launch of our new website, version 4. It is a testament of our pledge to you, our customers to make the buying experience as easy as possible.

Our in-house technical and design team have worked hard to include all the comments we have received through our customer survey.  We researched new design elements and then successfully brought it all together. As always we have worked as a team with rigorous interdepartmental testing to ensure that the new site was ready to be launch.

So how will the new design benefit you?

The first element of the new website that you will notice is the improved speed. It is now much quicker to download and has been externally tested. The speed of download is now no longer than a second, meaning less frustration for you and some time saving.

The new menu system makes it much easier to manoeuvre through complex product ranges, coupled with more intuitive navigation,  finding the right product could not be easier. Larger images allow you to have a better view of the products you are interested in, making the buying decisions more informed.

The new design has enabled the pages to have more space on them, making the website easier on the eye. You can choose what information you want to see and make your research into the products as in-depth as you need to. The inclusion of informative guides enables you to work out what fire safety equipment you require and if you still have any questions unanswered you can use our live chat for quick answers.

Please let us have your feedback both negative and positive. We are looking forward to hearing from you!