Bonfire Night Safety

The weather has turned very autumnal now and many of us will be looking forward to Bonfire Night. No matter how old you are, fireworks bring a smile to your face.

Bonfire Night is not all smiles and ‘ooing’ and ‘arring’ at the beautiful array of colours shooting across the sky. For many it will end in injuries, burns and life long scars. The age group most affected by firework injuries are under the age of 17 and predominantly male.  The vast majority of injuries are to the hands, followed by face and eyes.

It is no wonder that fireworks cause such devastating injuries, a sparkler can get six times hotter than cooking oil. It is essential that children are supervised at all times when holding sparklers.

As the highest number of firework related injuries happen at private or family run events it is paramount that supervising adults have made themselves aware of the dangers and ways to prevent an accident happening. Please see our guide to helping you achieve an injury free Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night guide

  • Ensure that you know who is going to be in charge of lighting the fireworks and that you are happy for them to do so. If you do not think they are responsible enough, do not attend the firework display.
  • Only let children with gloved hands hold sparklers and ensure that they are supervised at ALL times. Plunge the sparkler, once it has finished, into a bucket of cold water, they can stay very hot for a long time.
  • Never go back to a firework that has not ignited, it could explode into your face.
  • Only use recommended ways lighting the fireworks, like tapers for example.
  • Never throw a firework into the fire, even if you think it has finished and burnt out.
  • Ensure that you have an extinguisher at hand.
  • Make yourself aware of the correct procedure for treating a burn from the fire or the fireworks. If you do not have a burns kit, let tepid water run over the burnt area for 10 minutes and then cover with a clean plastic bag, such as a food bag, or a nonfluffy clean cloth and then seek medical advice.
  • To minimise the chance of injury attend an organised firework display.

We hope that this guide has been helpful. Please follow the link if you require more information about burns kits. Safelincs wish all their customers a happy and injury free Bonfire Night.

Safelincs recognised as disability friendly employer

Fire safety provider Safelincs Ltd have been awarded the Two Ticks’ Disability Friendly Symbol, which demonstrates the commitment of the company to employ, train and develop staff with disabilities.

In order to receive this symbol from Jobcentre Plus, Safelincs had to demonstrate their dedication to implementing the five commitments outlined under the symbol.

These include guaranteeing an interview for all disabled applicants which meet the minimum requirements for the job vacancy, consult with disabled staff on a regular basis to ensure they can develop and use their abilities and make every effort to retain any member of staff should they become disabled.

Safelincs have also pledged to ensure that their staff develop their disability awareness to enable the five commitments to be implemented and will review the five commitments on an annual basis to ensure that they are continuously renewing their pledge and developing their commitment.

HR Manager, Angie Dewick-Eisele said ‘We are delighted to be awarded the ‘Two Ticks’ Symbol. This award underpins the company ethos of equal opportunity and our commitment to help develop the skills of all our staff. Implementing the five commitments will also dove-tail into our Investors in People framework.’

Test it, change it, replace it – it might save your life!

We are offering a new service, completely free of charge, that will remind households  to check that their smoke alarms are in working condition and will actually protect them in case of a fire.

This week the government’s Fire Kills campaign launched its new advertising series to promote fire safety in the home.  The focus of this year’s campaign is again on householders testing their alarms and replacing flat batteries. As stakeholders in the organisation, Safelincs are supporting this message with their new smoke alarm test reminder service.

Householders can register with the service and request notification by email or SMS when the next smoke alarm test is due.  You can decide the reminder frequency when registering with the service.  There are also options to request a reminder when the batterie needs replacing and the smoke alarm has come to the end of its useful life, which is usually after ten years.

To register with this free service, just visit

For their online customers, Safelincs have created further additions to this service. When you have placed an order with us, Safelincs offer to remind you about the regular tests your new fire safety equipment might require, e.g. the testing of your smoke alarms, the yearly service of your fire extinguishers, the regular testing of newly purchased emergency lighting ad more.

To benefit from this additional service, just order your fire safety equipment on

Hotel Fires, Your guests, your responsibility

August and September have seen two major fire incidents in two hotels, ‘The Swan and Royal Hotel’, Clitheroe and the ‘Grand Burstin Hotel’, Folkestone. In both cases all residents at the hotels and staff were evacuated without any serious consequences.

If you are a hotel or bed and breakfast owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your premises have adequate fire detection and protection. In the case of the Grand Burstin Hotel the alarm was raised by a passerby. Had the member of public not noticed the fire, the outcome could have been very different and casualties could have resulted.

Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

Do I have adequate fire detection and do my smoke alarms conform to the correct standard?
Do I have adequate fire extinguisher cover and are they up to date on service?
Have I got adequate means of escape or do I need to install fire escape ladders?
Are my guests aware of the evacuation procedure should the alarm be raised and do I have guests who would require assistance?

By asking yourself these few simple questions and acting on the outcome of the answers, you could be preventing a disaster. The hotel fire at the Grand Burstin was caused due to a guest leaving a tea light lit on top of the TV set unattended. Not something that you can prevent, but had the alarm been raised sooner, the damage due to smoke and flames could have been restricted.

Remember, it is not only the lives of yourself and your guests you are protecting but also your livelihood and home. Unfortunately, the 18th century Swan and Royal Hotel was left wrecked by the fire that occurred there.

Your guests are YOUR responsibility. Safelincs Ltd are here to help you ensure that you have adequate protection. Please call FREEPHONE 0800 612 2946 for assistance.