Interlinking smoke alarms used in new equestrian holiday home

When Orchard Farm Equestrian Centre in Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire were getting ready to open the doors of their new luxury holiday let they decided to use the services of Safelincs to ensure that they had an interlinked smoke alarm system installed in time for the opening. The time scale of the installation was essential and Safelincs proposed the installation of a radio-interlinked system. This system requires far less installation time than standard wired alarm systems and our swift installation of the alarms meant that there was no delay in opening to the public.

Radio-interlinking smoke alarms and heat detectors do not require any wiring between units, as they communicate via radio-frequency, making this type of interlink very easy to install. When one of the alarms detects a fire it sends a radio signal to the other units making them sound. This means that no matter where you are in the building you will be alerted should a fire be detected.

Worst fire safety risks London Fire Brigade have ever seen

At the end of October firefighters were called to a fire in a building on an industrial estate  in Alperton, found to be housing 50 people.  The fire was tackled successfully and no fatalities occurred. On inspection the building, which had 17 separate rooms, was found to have severe flaws in the fire safety precautions.

On the site a total of six buildings providing accommodation for 150 people, including some children, were discovered. The breaches that were found ranged from inadequate means of escape to missing compartmentation between floors. A more serious fire could have swept through the building in a short time and the residents would have found it very difficult to escape from such a scene.

London Fire Brigade enforced prohibition notices on all six buildings after the discovery of what they believe to be the worst fire safety risks they have ever seen.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2011

Carbon monoxide awareness week runs from Monday, November 21st to Friday, November 25th 2011. This annual event is organised to raise the awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and to reduce the number of fatalities due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

This year has seen several tragic deaths of campers through carbon monoxide poisoning as well as deaths in homes. These deaths were not only tragic but also avoidable. It is hoped that this years awareness week will increase the knowledge of the general public and prevent such deaths occurring.

If you have an appliance that burns fossil fuel, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. As this deadly gas has no smell, taste or colour the only way to detect it is by having a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are very similar to flu; headaches, nausea, dizziness, breathlessness and eventually collapse and loss of consciousness.  As a result of the early stages being similar to flu symptoms many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning go undetected.

Ensure that you and your family are protected from this silent killer. Make this year’s carbon monoxide awareness week the one where you take action, ensure that your fossil fuel appliances have been serviced in the last year and that you have a carbon monoxide alarm.

If you think there may be carbon monoxide present in your home, open windows and doors, call the gas board and seek medical advice for any symptoms you may be suffering.

Here are some useful sites for more information on carbon monoxide:

What will you do for ‘National Maintenance Week’

November 18th sees the start of this year’s National Maintenance Week and we would like to encourage all our customers to take part.

The participation in this scheme does not have to involve large DIY projects or getting your sleeves rolled up to paint or unblock gutters. It can be little things that will ensure your safety. We suggest you use this week to do a very quick check that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly. It can be as simple as that.

As it is getting colder the heating in homes is being turned on and if the appliances have not been serviced or properly maintained the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increases. Checking your carbon monoxide alarm is working, or buying one if you do not already have one, could save your life.

Checking that your smoke alarms are working ensures that you will be alerted quickly in the event of a fire and be able to escape. You don’t need any tools to do this – just press the test button with your finger! Should you need to replace any batteries due to low energy, do not remove them until you have a replacement. A battery that is low on voltage is better than an alarm without a battery.

Encourage your friends and family to join in testing their alarms too.

Fire safety guide for landlords

Fire safety for landlords is a complicated issue. Through attending various events we have been asked numerous times by landlords for help in creating a condensed overview of fire safety relevant to them. Whilst there are already a number of extremely helpful and well-written guides available (the LACoRS and fire risk assessment guides to name but a few), we wrote a short guide to help landlords get a feeling for the legislation and fire safety guidance affecting their market.

This article can be viewed in our landlord section and contains some useful links relevant to landlords.

Candle Fire Safety Week November 14th – 20th

Candles are a common site in many homes and now that the dark nights are drawing in, the number of candles being lit is increasing. However, the beauty of candles is linked to a risk. Last year candles were the cause of over 1,000 fires across England and many Fire Brigades are encouraging the general public this week to think carefully about safety when using candles.

When setting out candles to be lit it is very important to consider the surface they sit on, they should always be placed on a non-flammable base such as a glass or porcelain dish or on a candle stick. When the candle burns down the base of it can get very hot and could cause the surface underneath to ignite if not protected. A hotel fire, at Burstin Grand Hotel in 2009, was caused through a guest putting a tea light on top of the television, forgetting to blow it out before they left the room. The candle burnt through and set the television alight.

Candles should be placed away from curtains and and other combustible materials such as books, bedding and soft furnishings. Ensure that children can not reach them or knock them over. When a candle is tipped and hot wax is spilled it can ignite very quickly.

Ensure that any matches or lighters used to light candles are kept well out of reach of children and that children know about the dangers of playing with them.

Ensure that you have a working smoke alarm in the rooms where you are burning candles and that you test them regularly. A candle can put you, your home and your family at risk. Do not underestimate the dangers candles pose and use them with caution whilst enjoying their atmosphere.

For more information go to

Extinguishers for riding schools and equestrian centers

The introduction of the P5010 year self-maintenance extinguisher has opened up many new markets for us.

P50 extinguishers are made from components that are guaranteed not to corrode for 10 years. These properties, which make the extinguisher range well suited for outdoor and wet applications, has enabled us to branch out into food processing, swimming pools and other challenging environments. One specialist application is the equestrian market, a demanding and rugged environment for extinguishers.

Safelincs are now members of The British Horse Society , the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK , which works towards the improvement of standards of  horse safety and welfare.  The introduction of our products to their directory now enables their members to access fire safety products that are not only of the highest quality but that also, as in the case of the P50 extinguisher, offer them the robust construction their environment demands.

As the P50 extinguisher is self-maintenance it also offers a huge cost saving. Once purchased you will no longer require an external extinguisher engineer to visit you annually. The simple, visual safety checks required to ensure that the extinguisher is in working order can be carried out by yourself. Instructions and a demonstration of the three simple self-maintenance steps are given when the extinguisher is installed, free of charge.

When our engineers deliver and install the P50 extinguisher free of charge, they will also carry out a free site survey to ensure that you are adequately covered and will confirm so in the certificate that is part of the installation process.

Extinguisher leasing now available

With our extinguisher lease contracts our customers now have an attractive alternative to purchasing extinguishers outright.  The lease agreement can be taken out for a chosen number of  years, allowing you to hand over the responsibility for installation and yearly extinguisher maintenance to us at fixed yearly costs. The costing for the lease contracts is based on our competitive online prices for fire extinguishers and servicing, so you can be certain to be offered a very attractive lease pricing.

Unlike most lease contracts you can cancel this agreement with us at any time (subject to the purchase of the final extinguisher value).

Included in the contract is a FREE site survey to ensure that you have selected the correct extinguishers to cover your premises as well as the yearly maintenance checks and consumables that are required throughout the contract duration.

You have the peace of mind that all the work on your fire extinguishers will be carried out in accordance with BS5306 by our BAFE registered engineers.

To work out the yearly costs, select the extinguishers you require and the number of years you want the contract for and the system will instantly give you a yearly payment amount. You can then continue with the order process.

Any questions, please ring 0800 612 6537

New radio-interlinked smoke alarms from Kidde

Kidde have added mains powered radio-interlinked smoke alarms to their range of 230V smoke alarms. The new slimline design offers customers an additional choice in our smoke alarm range. The alarms conform to BS5839-pt6 grade D, E and F and are installed in new residenatial conversions and extensions, small to medium offices and many HMOs.

The Kidde Slick smoke and heat alarms can be wired from the nearest light fitting, making them cheaper to install and less intrusive than other hard wired smoke alarms. They are fitted with an alkaline back up battery as standard but this can be upgraded to a 10 year lithium battery if required.  The alarms have a unique fast-fitting base and a screwless connection block making installation as easy as possible.

The units talk to each other through a wireless connection. This means that when one alarm detects fire all the alarms will be activated and begin to sound within seconds. Up to 15 alarms can be interlinked together in one system and the   house coding process is very simple.

With their new design Kidde have really thought of everything: the alarms are fitted with an LED that will enable you to identify the initiating smoke alarm.  The alarms also have a flashing LED that will give you silent notice for 30 days that the batteries are getting low. After this 30 day period the alarms will then give off the usual warning chirp.

How the launch of our new website will benefit you

This week sees the launch of our new website, version 4. It is a testament of our pledge to you, our customers to make the buying experience as easy as possible.

Our in-house technical and design team have worked hard to include all the comments we have received through our customer survey.  We researched new design elements and then successfully brought it all together. As always we have worked as a team with rigorous interdepartmental testing to ensure that the new site was ready to be launch.

So how will the new design benefit you?

The first element of the new website that you will notice is the improved speed. It is now much quicker to download and has been externally tested. The speed of download is now no longer than a second, meaning less frustration for you and some time saving.

The new menu system makes it much easier to manoeuvre through complex product ranges, coupled with more intuitive navigation,  finding the right product could not be easier. Larger images allow you to have a better view of the products you are interested in, making the buying decisions more informed.

The new design has enabled the pages to have more space on them, making the website easier on the eye. You can choose what information you want to see and make your research into the products as in-depth as you need to. The inclusion of informative guides enables you to work out what fire safety equipment you require and if you still have any questions unanswered you can use our live chat for quick answers.

Please let us have your feedback both negative and positive. We are looking forward to hearing from you!