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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers with up to 10 Year Warranty

Fire extinguishers with long warranties, Kitemark & BAFE approval. We also offer installation service & maintenance packages.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms and Radio-linked Smoke Alarms with Manual Break Points

Smoke and heat alarms as well as accessories from leading manufacturers, battery or mains powered.

Dorgard & Fire Door Retainers

Buy fire doors and fire door accessories

Legal solutions to holding open fire doors, including Dorgard door retainers, door magnets and related accessories.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO Alarms)

CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide alarms (CO alarms) designed for residential use, available in battery & mains power options, with up to 10 year life.

FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors

FD30 - 30 minute fire doors

Buy fire doors online. We offer standard sizes and made-to-measure fire doors. Real wood veneers and glazing options.

Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs for evacuation of immobile persons

Evacuation chairs allow one carer to easily move disabled persons, tackling corridors and stairs with ease. UK manufactured.

Fire Exit Equipment

More info about Fire Exit Equipment

A range of fire exit equipment including panic bars, emergency push pads, access control devices and key boxes from leading manufacturers.

Fireproof Safes & Storage

More info about Fireproof Safes & Storage

Fireproof safes, boxes and security safes, document cabinets, anti-arson products, key safes & other storage solutions.

Fire Door Closers

Door Closers

Door closers are designed to close fire doors once they have been opened and help limit the spread of fire throughout a building.

Emergency Lighting & Signs

Emergency lighting including standard bulkheads, LED, self-test and slave luminaires.

UK manufactured emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs, fire safety equipment signs, ID signs, action signs and many more.

Site Alarms

Site Alarms such as Fire Alarm Bells and Sounders

A range of internal and external site alarms with multiple activation options and features, fire alarm bells, air horns and more.

Passive Fire Protection

More info about Passive Fire Protection

Products designed to maintain and improve the fire integrity of a buildings structure and provide fire resistance to materials.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Panels and Systems

We have a range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems and accessories, as well as infrared and UV detector units.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders, Fire Escape Hoods and Evacuation Devices

Choose from the UK's largest range of portable and permanent fire escape ladders, escape ladder accessories and user harnesses.

Anti-Arson Mailboxes

Fireproof Anti-Arson Letterboxes with a built in automatic fire extinguisher

Eliminate the threat of arson with out range of anti-arson letterboxes, fireproof mail bags and letterbox blocking products.

Escape Hoods & Masks

Fire Escape Hoods

Designed to help you and others escape to safety in case of a fire. Allows you 15 minutes to flee through potentially toxic gases.

Safety Signs

Fire Safety Equipment Signs

A range of safety signs including extinguisher ID signs, warning signs, safety equipment signs, fire exit and fire door signs.

First Aid Kits & Accessories

More info about First Aid Kits & Accessories

A range of first aid kits, specialist first aid, replacements and refills, accessories and storage solutions.

Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors

Portable and fixed gas detection for business and personal use from leading manufacturers Drager, Honeywell and Crowcon.

Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Nationwide fire extinguisher servicing without hidden charges. You can immediately find out our charges for engineers services.

Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Solutions

Safelincs provide fire safety products and services to commercial, public and industrial customers such as hospitals, churches, schools, universities, nursing homes and refineries as well as community groups, SMEs, landlords and home owners.

We operate on an international scale, with headquarters in the UK and distribution in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Austria.

We offer high-quality fire safety equipment at competitive prices, manufactured by reputable companies such as Gloria, Dräger, Britannia, FireAngel, First Alert and many others. In total we supply over 4,000 products and services both offline and online, which makes us the biggest UK online retailer of fire safety products.

Safelincs will find the best solutions for you, our customers and we guarantee that we won’t be beaten on price, as part of our Best Price Guarantee.

Our Fire Safety Products

Our Fire Safety Products

The selection of fire protection equipment and services we provide is designed to offer businesses and organisations a quality service, a personalised solution and the best price. We have worked with our customers for many years helping them to complete fire risk assessments and implement the recommendations from the assessments, so we have a very good understanding about what our customers need. Our skilled and friendly staff will quote you bespoke solutions for your type of organisation and buildings. However, not only businesses benefit from our range of products, householders will also find all the fire safety equipment they require for their homes.

We are in constant discussions with manufacturers to introduce fire safety products that will help our customers save time or money. You will find on our website some innovative fire safety products, from sevice-free fire extinguishers to radio-interlinked smoke alarms, which offer large cost savings over the lifetime of the products.

Why Choose Safelincs?

Why Choose Safelincs?

At Safelincs, our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of the organisation. Customer satisfaction runs at over 98.6% which is no wonder, as our fast and precise shipping, our low shipping costs and our price guarantee are important to our customers. In addition we offer free extended warranties and free replacement of fire safety equipment should it get damaged or used in a fire.

Safelincs is also helping to spread fire safety awareness to the public and we are stakeholders in the UK government’s Fire Kills campaign. Safelincs also runs a fire safety forum and a range of fire safety information websites, such as the information website.

We stand out from our competitors by offering a user-friendly website and a professional team who can provide our customers expert advice on our range of fire safety products, both via the website and over the phone or chat.


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