Waterloo Homes Install EvacSill Concealed Escape Ladders

Evacsill logo - 300 dpi

A new housing estate in Louth, Lincolnshire installed 5 EvacSill concealed fire escape ladders. The estate was built with timber-framed, two- storey houses, aimed mainly at families. evacsill-ladderTo allow quick and safe escape from the upper floors, EvacSill ladders were installed.

Developed and manufactured by Safelincs, these fire escape ladder systems are fitted hidden in the inner wall of a house. In an emergency, the window sill is pulled out and the ladder is deployed. EvacSill escape ladders are available for timber-framed as well as brick-built houses. While they are mainly aimed at new-build homes, they can also be retro-fitted. The EvacSill ladders are always accessible, can never be mis-laid or lost and offer a rapid escape.