Self-Test LED emergency lighting – save time, money and the environment

Emergency lighting is an essential part of the fire safety planning in any commercial building and potentially saves life in emergencies. To a business however, it can be a costly drain on resources, requiring frequent testing (quite often outsourced), regular replacement of bulbs and lamps and the need to replace the complete lighting unit at the end of its life.

We offer two technologies that will help you save time, money and energy.

Self-test emergency lighting is fitted with a system that automatically conducts periodical tests to ensure that the unit is fully functioning and safe in an emergency.  If a fault is detected then an audio / visual warning is triggered. The installation of self-test units means that no engineer visits are required to test the emergency lights, saving time and money. You can also rest assured that your testing program complies with best practice.

On top of this we sell self-testing emergency lighting with LED luminaires which offer even more advantages over traditional lighting. LED emergency lights have a far lower energy consumption than fluorescent emergency lights, a longer life span, greater durability and increased reliability.

Combining the two features creates an opportunity for customers to buy and fit emergency lighting that is low maintenance and cost-saving. To find out more about the potential of these units see our ranges of self-test emergency lights and LED emergency lighting.

Hotel fire caused by faulty vacuum cleaner

Duke’s Head Hotel, a four storey hotel in King’s Lynn, experienced a fire due to a fault with a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner on December 10, 2010.

The hotel staff effectively and promptly evacuated guests from the hotel as well as their restaurants and bars, ensuring that there were no injuries incurred as a result. The fire was contained in a third floor bedroom but smoke damage has occurred to the room and corridor.

The fire, which broke out at just after 12 noon, was attended by eleven fire engines from King’s Lynn, Downham Market, Sandringham, Terrington, Massingham and Wymondham. The fire crews took about one hour to get the fire under control and was mostly out by 1.15pm.

To read the full story follow this link

Survey Winner for November

November’s customer survey winner was from Stroud in Gloucestershire.

For a chance to win £25 ‘Love2Shop’ vouchers, all you need to do is complete the customer survey questionnaire  after purchasing from our fire safety website.  The lucky participant wins the vouchers.

‘Love2Shop’ is a highstreet gift voucher that is accepted by over 80 leading retailers, including House of Fraser, WH Smiths, HMV and New Look.

For your chance to win, simply place an order at

Barrow Fire Brigade Promote Free Reminder Service

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are highlighting the increased dangers of house fires over the Christmas period. Gavin Roberts, Barrow Fire Station’s deputy location manager, warns that due to the additional fire risks that Christmas can bring there is a significant rise in the chance of a house fire during the festive season.

He warns that it is essential to ensure that your smoke alarms are in good working order and that they should be tested on a regular basis. To help remind people to check their smoke alarms, Barrow Fire Service are prompting people to use our free reminder service.

Aico multi-sensor fire alarm wins award

The Ei2110 multi-sensor fire alarm has won Best New Product at SELECT Electrotechnical Awards 2010.

SELECT represents the electrical contracting industry in Scotland. These awards are in recognition of excellence and best-practice within the industry. As the Ei2110 Fire alarm is the first mains powered multi-sensor alarm suitable for residential use it ticked all the right boxes for the award.

The dual sensor alarm offers better protection and leads to fewer false alarms. The Ei2110 comes with an easy to fit base unit, making installation very simple. This bespoke base unit automatically activates the lithium back up battery once the alarm has been fitted to the base. It is also compatible to interlink with other Ei smoke alarm ranges and can be sold with a radio-interlink base to allow wireless communication with other Ei radio-interlinked alarm products.

Text Phone for Hearing Impaired Customers Introduced

Safelincs has always been selling fire safety equipment for deaf and hearing impaired customers. Communications prior to this were mostly via email or call center using a text phone as phone conversations were difficult for our hearing impaired customers. To improve the communication we have now launched a text phone. This computer sized device allows instant typed communication directly with the customer without the need of any intermediate call handling.

To use this service ring our freephone number 0800 612 4843.  A dedicated customer service team member will deal with your text calls.

The need for a text phone was identified through the customer care team and your survey replies. We take all our survey replies and comments seriously and wherever possible will act upon suggestions made.

Save money when replacing mains powered smoke alarms

easichange Ei141 Replacement KitSmoke and heat alarms must be replaced after ten years when their useful life expires. When you have mains powered smoke alarms on your ceiling this usually means having to call out an expensive electrician to carry out the work. Now there is good news for anybody who has an EI or Aico smoke alarm installed on their ceiling and wants to change it after ten years:

Safelincs and Ei Electronics have developed a range of replacement smoke alarms branded ‘easichange’ which can be installed by yourself within less than a minute. The easichange alarms come supplied with the removal tool needed to take off the old smoke alarm safely from its base and with a new alarm head which can be installed by simply sliding it onto the existing base. An easily to understand manual is included as well as a documentation label for the fuse box.

The easichange alarms are manufactured by the original smoke alarm manufacturers, Ei Electronics and conform to BS EN 14604. They are sold exclusively by Safelincs.

Easichange replacement smoke alarms exist for the following models:

Ei141, Ei144, Ei146, Ei151, Ei151TL, Ei154, Ei156, Ei161, Ei164, Ei166

Update 03-02-2021: The easichange range of alarms has been discontinued in light of ongoing changes to the replacement models. Safelincs’ support for customers continues with a simplified series of replacement smoke and heat alarms that will still be familiar to previous easichange customers. The new range of now also includes replacements for a selection of BRK, DETA, and FireAngel alarms.

Landlords Fire Safety Bill not Successful

The private members bill which addressed the need for landlords to ensure that every rented property had adequate mains powered fire detection was not successful during it’s second  hearing.

However, Liberal Democrat MP Mr Adrian Sanders, who put this bill forward has not given up hope of the bill. He feel very strongly that vulnerable individuals should be protected from the risk of fire and will continue to work on the bill.

Despite the fact that there was support for this bill from MPs from the three main parties, the bill failed due to concerns that it could not be regulated adequately. Under Secretary of State, Bob Neil, opposed the costs that would be involved in implementing such a bill and was also concerned that the bill could not be properly enforced.

To read the full report follow this link

Safelincs Support Children in Need

We support many charities and events and this year we decided to do our bit for Children in Need. During the week leading up to the Children in Need fundraising night we pledged to donate 50p for each new twitter follower.

This fundraising event raised £132.00 for Children in Need and saw 264 new followers on Twitter.

We would like to thank all our new followers for their support in this campaign and hope that if we do the same next year we can beat this total.