Darlington Borough Council invest in CO Alarms

Housing Services at Darlington Borough Council has ordered a substantial number of CO alarms from Safelincs to supply their residents with this potentially life-saving equipment. The CO alarms are distributed by the Council’s Home Improvement Agency handypersons visiting households. Safelincs carried out the training of the staff with regards to siting, installation and maintenance of the carbon monoxide alarms.

CO gas (carbon monoxide) is an invisible and tasteless byproduct of the combustion processes, such as in gas boilers etc and can lead to headaches, flu like symptoms, loss of consciousness and even death. It is very important that households using any combustion processes for heating or cooking monitor the CO content of their homes with a carbon monoxide alarm, such as https://www.safelincs.co.uk/carbon-monoxide-detectors/

Blaze on Harry Potter film set

On Friday night, 26 March 2010, a fire broke out on the outdoor film set for the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The fire at the Leavesden Studios in Watford, Hertfordshire, is thought to have been the result of special effects in a battle scene involving a mocked-up castle.

Fire  crews were summoned to attend the blaze, but by the time they arrived the film crew had got the fire under control. Approximately 20 firefighters attended the scene and used a platform and thermal imaging tools to locate and tackle any hot spots.

To view full story http://www.info4fire.com/news-content/full/crews-called-to-tackle-special-effects-fire-on-harry-potter-film-set

Smoke alarms for the deaf

Did you know that there are smoke alarm systems specifically designed to alert deaf people of a fire? One model, the Deafgard, is an acoustically triggered unit that is activated when the fire alarm system is sounding. The Deafgard comprises of a vibration pad and a strobe light. The pad is placed under the pillow at night and should the fire alarm sound, the pad will begin to vibrate and the strobe light is triggered, waking the deaf or hard of hearing person.

This alarm is portable and will work in conjunction with most smoke alarm systems giving the user peace of mind on holiday as well as at home.

On the other end of the technical spectrum is a new invention that has been launched in Tokyo for alerting the deaf through the sense of smell. This new alarm sprays wasabi vapour when activated by a smoke alarm. The vapour is reported to be so strong that it will wake the sleeping occupant within two minutes.

Although this is a novel idea it is unclear what life span this alarm has and how long the wasabi scent lasts, this is important to ensure that regular checks of the alarm can be made to ensure that it is in good working order.

We will have to watch the UK market for the first signs of the new scent alarm to learn more. In the meantime, if you require any further information on the means of alerting the deaf or hard of hearing to a fire, please visit the dedicated Hard of Hearing section on our website.

How Ei Optical Smoke Alarms Work

Optical sensors are more responsive to smouldering fires producing large particle smoke typical of fires involving furniture and bedding. They are more immune to invisible smoke produced by "burning the toast" and similar cooking fumes. this makes them ideal for siting in hallways close to kitchens where false alarms from ionisation alarms may be a particular problem. The BS 5839: Pt 6: 2004 recommends the use of optical alarms in circulation spaces of a dwelling, such as hallways and landings. Optical alarms are prone fo false alarms if exposed to steam and should not be located too close to poorly ventilated bathrooms or shower rooms.

Bafe Certified

  1. A light beam is pulsed in the sensor chamber every 10 seconds to "look" for smoke. Any smoke present has to be visible to the naked eye so that the receptor can "see" it. If no smoke is detected, the alarm woill remain in standby state.
  2. When large particles of smoke are detected, the light beam will be scattered onto the light receptor.
  3. This will then send an electrical signal to the IC (integrated circuit).
  4. This causes the alarm to sound.

Twitter training at Saatchi & Saatchi Design

Five members of the Safelincs team went to Saatchi & Saatchi Design in London for a Twitter training session last week.

The training had been gained through a charity auction for Mercy Ships at their 2010 Ball. As we have only just started to use Twitter as a way of communicating through Social Media, this was an opportunity not to be missed.

The training carried out by Ashleigh Goodall, the MD at Saatchi&Saatchi Design was invaluable. We covered a lot of ground about how to disperse interesting and relevant content through Twitter and how Twitter can be linked in with the overall communication with our customers.

NEW DraughtEx – The Floorboard Seal on a Reel

DraughtEx floorboard gap filler with the free applicator tool
DraughtEx floorboard gap filler and applicator

Fills Gaps in Floorboards to Save Energy and Money

A solution to the annoying gaps between floorboards is finally here! DraughtEx floorboard gap filler not only improves the look of wooden floorboards, but it also helps to make your house more energy efficient. By applying DraughtEx you seal the gaps that previously allowed cold air to enter rooms between the floorboards. The colour of DraughtEx has been designed to match that of floorboard shadows, creating a natural look with all the benefits of sealed gaps.

We all know that wooden floors change shape and size over time, as wood expands and contracts. Unlike most solutions to filling floorboard gaps, DraughtEx is capable of changing shape with the floorboards, maintaining draught exclusion and appearance.

To find out more about this innovative new product visit www.draughtex.co.uk or call freephone 0800 433 4282.

DraughtEx is part of the Energy Project, which belongs to the Safelincs group of companies.

Our Twitter competition has started!

Today marks the first day of our Twitter competition, where you have the chance to win 1 of 50 carbon monoxide alarms for your home. As a fire safety company and a Fire Kills partner, we know how important it is to promote and educate people about the dangers of smoke and other harmful gases in the home. Not only will you be able to learn a little something in our fire safety quiz, you will also be given the opportunity to sign up to our free smoke alarm reminders service, so you’ll never forget to change your batteries, test or replace your smoke alarm ever again!

As a thank you for your support in spreading this important message we are giving away a fantastic prize. Every day, for 25 days, two lucky winners will each receive a Kidde slimline digital CO alarm. Safelincs and Kidde have teamed up to provide these alarms that could potentially save your life.

The competition is now closed.

Dorgard now with Exclusive 5 Year Warranty

Safelincs Ltd always want to give their customers the best value possible. This is achieved by sourcing high quality products and offering customers a service that exceeds our competitors.

The Dorgard is no exception to this. We are now offering the Dorgard with a FIVE year warranty, compared to industry standard of only one year.  This coupled with our free shipping on all Dorgard orders shows our commitment to offering a service above and beyond expectation.

For more information on Dorgards, please follow this link:


Celebrities pledge to test their smoke alarms every week

Celebrities from across the music, showbiz and sporting worlds are backing the Government’s Fire Kills campaign with a “Push It Pledge”, to urge people to test their smoke alarm every week.

Coronation Street on-screen sisters, Helen Flanagan and Brooke Vincent (aka Rosie and Sophie Webster), along with a host of other famous faces – including Amir Khan, Ainsley Harriet, Jill Halfpenny, Sir Terry Wogan, Darren Campbell, James Martin, Barry Cryer, Dave Spikey, Nihal and Bobby Friction – are all making a pledge to test their smoke alarm every week.  This is a vital step in helping the nation to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by accidental house fires.

Eighty five per cent of people own a smoke alarm, but worryingly less than a third test them every week.  This is despite the fact that you are more than twice as likely to die in an accidental house fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm.

Safelincs is one of the partners of the government’s Fire Kills campaign and has developed a free service to remind people to regularly test their batteries and to change them each year. To register with this free service, just visit www.safelincs.co.uk/reminders


Sir Terry Wogan, who suffered a house fire himself, says: “I had a fire at home last year, and can vouch to the excellence of our local fire and rescue service, but if it hadn’t been for the smoke alarm, even they might have been too late to help, and the consequences could have been fatal for me and my family. I’ll make sure that my smoke alarm is tested weekly.”

Sir Ken Knight, the Government’s Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser says: “A smoke alarm can buy valuable time to escape from a fire, but only if it’s working properly. It’s not enough to just install smoke alarms in your home – you must test them every week. The main reason that smoke alarms fail to activate is missing or flat batteries – if the battery needs replacing, do this immediately.”

Safelincs supports local Grammar School

Nothing is better than first hand experience when it comes to inspiring young minds to envision their future in a field of business. With this in mind, Safelincs MD, Harry Dewick-Eisele did a presentation to year 10 Business Studies at our local Grammar School. The topic was e-commerce – ‘Benefits and Drawbacks’.

Safelincs see these interactions as an important part of supporting the local community but also as part of the solution to the lack of specialist web design and web development  skills needed for our industry.

Following a similar presentation a few weeks ago, one of the students on the IT Diploma course at the same Grammar school started a longer term placement with Safelincs. He will design an entire website aimed at building a brand for a new range of fire extinguishers introduced by Safelincs. These fire extinguishers will be Ultrafire branded and will come in two distinctive lines (Ultrafire blackline and Ultrafire redline).