Win one year free extinguisher servicing within M25

Safelincs is giving away the chance for ten customers to win their annual extinguisher maintenance completely free of charge for one year. All costs for the year are included, such as site survey, servicing and extended service; even spares, replacement extinguishers and refills are free and there is no requirement whatsoever to continue with the Safelincs extinguisher servicing after the year.

To win the free service year you need to send us a photo of your premises and of one of your extinguishers and tell us how much your servicing did cost you last time. By applying you are giving us permission to report about the ten winners of the competition in another blog.


  1. Your premises are based within the M25 orbital
  2. Your premises can be accessed in office hours
  3. Your fire extinguishers were installed professionally in your premises and have extinguisher service labels on them (They are allowed to be out of date)
  4. The extinguishers belong to you

We will draw the winners on the 12th of March 2014 and will notify them. One of our engineers will then carry out a site survey, carry out all extinguisher servicing including any extended surveys and free replacements and issue you with a new certificate. Any work that is required during the year is also covered by us.

Please send your application to

Safelincs Boards the Bus!

Fire safety company Safelincs has won a contract with Metroline to maintain fire extinguishers throughout its London bus operation.

metroline-bussuesMetroline, which operates 80 routes in the capital with a fleet of 1,200 buses, purchases specialist fire extinguishers from Safelincs for their vehicles. Safelincs also undertakes the annual servicing of all extinguishers on the company’s buses. As extinguishers on the remainder of the fleet come to the end of their useful life, Safelincs provides replacements.

“Each time a bus has its MOT, one of our engineers will ensure that that the on-board extinguisher is serviced and, if necessary, replaced,” explained Stuart Baxter, Business Development Manager at Safelincs.

Metroline carries 250 million passengers on its buses every year and covers 37.5 million miles with its journeys. “We have a duty of care to ensure that our passengers remain safe,” said Nik Phiniefs, Head Buyer for Metroline . “We selected Safelincs because they were very professional and totally transparent in their dealings. There are no hidden charges so we can accurately forecast our expenditure.”

All of Safelincs’ work is carried out in accordance to BS5306 and certified by BAFE approved engineers.

Safelincs Grows 18% in 12 Months

Safelincs’ business year ended 18% up at the end of March against the previous business year. This is the result of significant investment in additional staff and our growth in several key sectors. Increasing our teams, including our web development team in Hull, the number of extinguisher servicing engineers in the London area and the opening of a Business Development office in East London have all been big contributing factors.

Becoming the chosen supplier of fire safety products and services to both the Church of England and the Catholic Church of the UK has resulted in a significant rise in our supply to this sector. Along with this we have been very active in developing our services to the Facilities Management industry.

In addition to all this we have also increased our offering of fire safety products online, both through the acquisition of other fire safety businesses and through additional strategic supplier relationships.

Fire extinguisher head cap removal and recharge bars

Safelincs supply fire extinguisher maintenance tools to service engineers and to companies carrying out their own extinguisher servicing. This blog describes one of the tools needed for servicing stored pressure extinguishers.
In order to conform to BS5306 requirements, many insurance companies stipulate that fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually.  It is during servicing that engineers may find that the existing fire extinguisher head cap needs to be replaced.  In order to do this, the engineer needs to have a head cap/valve removal bar, which is screwed into the extinguisher hose thread for use.  As hose threads differ according to the make of fire extinguisher, it is important that engineers use the correct removal bar for the fire extinguisher model.

As well as a tool for head cap/valve removal, some extinguisher bars can also be used in conjunction with a nitrogen regulator and hose.  These are known as “recharge bars” as they have the ability to work as an adapter to help re-pressurise the fire extinguisher.

In our range of extinguisher tools we offer head cap/valve removal bars suitable for Firechief, Thomas Glover, Gloria and Jewel Saffire/Ultrafire Redline fire extinguishers.

FREE Extinguisher Servicing!

Fire extinguisher servicing is a vital part of a company’s fire safety requirements.  This service is due annually and ensures that your extinguishers are in full working order, ready for any unexpected emergency.

Safelincs Ltd has a network of BAFE registered engineers to carry out the annual servicing of fire extinguishers.  As well as checking the weight, pressure and the external condition of the extinguisher, the engineer replaces basic spare parts like tamper seals and O-rings.  The extinguisher is then labeled and certified to the British Standard.

If you are a business, charity or public body and your premises are based within the M25 London orbital, then Safelincs now has a special offer for you!  For a limited time only, Safelincs is offering FREE fire extinguisher servicing for customers within the M25 orbital. To benefit from our offer, please contact us on to notify us that you wish to receive the free extinguisher servicing. We will then contact you and arrange your extinguisher servicing.

Exclusions: Whilst we cover the cost for all labour, call-out and servicing spares required, we cannot offer replacement extinguishers in case of damaged extinguishers or the refilling service required once a fire extinguisher is five years old.

The offer is only available for a limited period

Is pre-servicing of fire extinguishers allowed?

Occasionally, you may come across the practice of online fire extinguisher retailers offering pre-serviced fire extinguishers. What they offer is the inspection of the extinguisher in their warehouse and the addition of a maintenance label on the extinguisher. Sometimes they even claim that this service is in accordance to BS5306.

However, this practice is NOT in accordance to BS5306 for very good reasons. Damage to extinguishers like loss of pressure, loss of extinguishing medium, bent handles and hoses which make the extinguisher inoperable do not occur whilst the extinguisher is in the warehouse but all of these issues can occur in transit to the customer after the supplier has already declared the extinguisher ‘fit for operation’. This puts lives at risk, especially if suppliers do not protect extinguishers adequately for shipment. BSI has therefore changed the standard BS5306 to require an ON SITE commissioning for all extinguishers installed under BS5306. This entails a full check of the extinguishers as they arrive on site and the correct weighing, preparation and certification of the extinguishers. Only then can you use the certification document as proof that you have taken your responsibility in accordance to your fire risk assessment seriously.

Pre-servicing or pre-labelling is therefore not permitted any longer. If you require your extinguishers to be installed in accordance to BS5306 you must have the extinguishers commissioned on site or alternatively you can have them installed and commissioned on site by a servicing company. BS5306 comformity is always required if you are a business or landlord or if you have to carry out a fire risk assessment.

Safelincs gives customers options. You can:

– buy the extinguisher and visually check the extinguishers yourself when it arrives (suitable for domestic use, only). Our extinguishers are protected in transit by head protectors or special handle and box design.

– order the extinguishers from us with ON SITE commissioning (suitable if the extinguishers replace existing extinguishers in a business environment). This service is carried out by BAFE registered Safelincs engineers and you will received a certificate for the commissioning.

– order the extinguishers from us with Installation and Commissioning, in which case our engineer will also hang the extinguishers in the most appropriate location (suitable for a first install in a new business or if you are uncertain about the current location of the extinguishers). This service is carried out by BAFE registered Safelincs engineers and you will received a certificate for the installation/commissioning.


Safelincs receive BAFE certification

Safelincs are pleased to announce their BAFE accreditation for the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

Safelincs have a nationwide team of BAFE registered fire extinguisher servicing engineers. The BAFE accreditation and the related logo gives customers a visible way of recognising the professional competence of the company and the peace of mind that all service work undertaken by Safelincs is carried out to the same standard anywhere in the country. BAFE is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to improving the standards in fire protection. Companies who achieve BAFE accreditation are able to demonstrate their competence and quality of their service through this third party certification.

Safelincs offer installation, maintenance and commissioning of fire extinguishers without tying companies into a long term service agreement. If you would like to discuss your extinguisher maintenance needs, please do not hesitate to contact Safelincs on 0800 612 4827 or visit Safelincs BAFE registration number: 1216

Oranges and Lemons say the bells of St Clements

Safelincs provide fire extinguisher servicing for the St Clements Church, Eastcheap, London. This church considers itself to be the church referred to in the nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’. The rhyme begins with this church because when the Thames was wider than it is today, the wharf where the citrus fruit cargoes from the Mediterranean were delivered lay just across the street. It is said the church bells pealed when a cargo arrived. The earliest record of the rhyme as it is dates to around 1744.