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All Fire Extinguishers

Our full range of fire extinguishers

Our complete range of fire extinguishers including portable, wheeled and automatic units.

From £9.59 inc VAT

Service-Free Extinguishers

P50 Fire Extinguishers require no extinguisher engineer maintenance or servicing, saving you money

P50 service-free extinguishers. Guaranteed 10 year life. Massive savings. BS Kitemarked. MED Approved.

From £91.19 inc VAT

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Water Mist fire extinguishers for versatility & safety

Broad spectrum extinguishers for offices, schools, home. No residue. Fight A, B, C & electrical fires.

From £56.15 inc VAT

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing fires involving live electrical equipment and flammable liquids

From £26.75 inc VAT

Water Fire Extinguishers

Water Fire Extinguishers

Fights fires of solid materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics and coal (Class A fires).

From £37.19 inc VAT

Foam Extinguishers

Foam Fire Extinguishers

For office environments & homes. Capable of fighting burning solids & liquids (class A & B fires).

From £197.99 inc VAT

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder Fire Extinguishers

Suitable for use on Class A, B and C fires. Often used in garages, near fuel stores and in manufacturing plants.

From £9.59 inc VAT

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Wet Chemical Extinguishers

For burning fat and grease used in industrial and home kitchens. Used on F Class fires.

From £68.03 inc VAT

Fire Extinguisher Deals

Hot Fire Extinguisher Deals

Deals for the most common extinguisher combinations. Free Shipping!

From £27.52 inc VAT

Fire Blankets

Fire Blanket in Soft Pouch

Ideal in kitchens for extinguishing pan fires & for wrapping around burning clothes. Kitemarked.

From £16.55 inc VAT

Automatic Extinguishers

Automatic fire extinguishers

Automatic fire extinguishing for un-manned areas, computer compartments & engine bays.

From £33.23 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Fire Extinguishers

Designer Fire Extinguishers

Designed to blend in with modern furnishings & office environments. Corrosion free.

From £79.43 inc VAT

Fire Extinguishers for Electrical Equipment

Fire Extinguishers for Electrical Equipment

A range of fire extinguishers for use on or around electrical equipment.

From £14.99 inc VAT

Eco Fire Extinguishers

More info about Eco Fire Extinguishers

Fluoro-free fire extinguishers with no PFOA or PFAS chemicals & minimal environmental impact.

From £37.19 inc VAT

Lithium-Ion Extinguishers & Containment

Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers

New technologies for tackling fires involving rechargeable Lithium-Ion cells, batteries, vehicles and devices.

From £214.80 inc VAT

Fire Extinguisher ID Signs

Fire Extinguisher ID Signs

A range of ID signs to indicate the type of fire extinguisher installed, their capabilities & their location.

From £1.07 inc VAT

Class D Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder Metal Fire Extinguisher

Dry chemical powder (Class D) is used on flammable metal fires including burning magnesium.

From £419.75 inc VAT

Wheeled Extinguishers

Wheeled fire extinguishers with CE mark, MED approval and manufactured to EN1866-1

Heavy-duty wheeled units for large high-risk applications and are all CE marked.

From £610.55 inc VAT

Domestic Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers for home

Extinguishers suitable for use in the home to tackle small fires and give peace of mind.

From £20.99 inc VAT

Kitchen Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers suitable for kitchens

Extinguishers suitable for tackling the most common fires in the kitchen, including burning fat fires.

From £56.70 inc VAT

Car Fire Extinguishers

Small powder fire extinguishers for cars

These Extinguishers fit easily into your car and are powerful enough to tackle engine fires,

From £9.59 inc VAT

Office Extinguishers

Extinguishers for use in offices

Fire extinguishers suitable for office environments where paper and live electricity is common.

From £26.75 inc VAT

Truck Fire Extinguishers

Powerful powder extinguishers for trucks

For trucks and vehicles carrying dangerous goods. Also, extinguisher transport boxes.

From £20.99 inc VAT

Caravan Extinguishers

Extinguishers suitable for fighting fires in caravans

Extinguishers for caravans without damaging residues. Cover risks typically found in caravans.

From £23.99 inc VAT

Boat Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers for engine rooms and boat kitchens

Small & clean fire extinguishers for confined spaces on boats & extinguishers for engine bays.

From £9.59 inc VAT

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Types of Extinguishers

Types of Extinguishers

There are six main types of fire extinguishers; water, foam, CO2, powder, water mist and wet chemical. Different types of fire extinguishers are required for different types of fire, which are also categorised into six classes. Find out which fire extinguisher to buy based off the fire extinguisher rating combined with your requirements.

CO2 fire extinguishers

These units use pure carbon dioxide to suffocate fire and leave behind no residue once the fire is extinguished. They were originally designed for class B fires, which are flammable liquid fires, such as oil, petrol and solvents, however, these days CO2 extinguishers are mainly used for the fire fighting on live electrical equipment. They are often installed next to foam extinguishers in offices with computers. The size of CO2 units is stated in kg (of CO2 gas) and the portable CO2 extinguishers weigh 2 and 5 kg. In addition to our brand new CO2 products we offer fully factory refurbished CO2 extinguishers (pressure tested and re-painted). A specialist version of the CO2 extinguisher is anti-magnetic and is installed in areas of high magnetic activity, such as hospitals' MRI scanner suites.

Powder fire extinguishers

Also called ABC powder or dry powder extinguishers are powerful and versatile and can be used for class A (burning solids), class B (burning liquids) and class C (burning gas) fires. They can not be used on fat fires and deep fat fryer fires, as their jet would spread the burning fat. They should also not be used in confined spaces (small kitchen or boat cabins), as the powder can easily be inhaled. The residue of the powder makes the clean up after a discharge very difficult. We also stock a special powder fire extinguisher used for class D fires of flammable metals such as burning magnesium swarf. When comparing powder units, please note that BC powder does not offer the same protection as ABC powder.

Water fire extinguishers

These are used on class A fires of solid combustible materials, such as wood, fabric and paper. The water penetrates burning materials to cool down the fire, which extinguishes the fire and stops it re-igniting. Near electrical equipment you should choose water fire extinguishers with additives, as these prevent electrocution. A new development are the 'dry' water mist extinguishers, which can be used on class A, B, C and F* fires and are very easy to use. These can be installed in buildings, where extinguisher training of all residents/staff is not feasible, such as in HMOs etc.

*We do not recommend using water mist on anything above a 5F rated fire (this is equivalent to an average domestic deep fat fryer).

Foam fire extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers have traditionally been installed in offices and businesses across the UK to tackle class A fires and fires involving electrical equipment. Safelincs have chosen to discontinue AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) fire extinguishers due to the toxic chemicals they contain. There are more environmentally friendly options to AFFF foam such as our range of eco-foam fire extinguishers. These are ideal for tackling burning solids (Class A) and liquid fires (Class B) as well as fires involving electrical equipment. Water mist fire extinguishers are also a suitable replacement for AFFF foam extinguishers in most cases, as they are also safe for use on live electrical equipment and class A fires most commonly found in most workplaces, schools and homes.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers

Wet chemical and ABF foam extinguishers are used on fat fires and deep fat fryer fires (Class F). The chemical of the wet chemical bonds with the burning fat and stops the supply of oxygen to the fat. It also cools down the fat. Wet Chemical extinguishers are used in professional kitchens, while ABF can be used in domestic kitchens.

Lithium-ion fire extinguishers

This new range of extinguishers is designed for tackling lithium-ion battery fires. These rechargeable batteries are used in mobile devices like smartphones and laptops, power tools, e-bikes and hoverboards, power storage systems, UPS backup units, vapes, and electric vehicles. A designated Class does not yet exist since the emerging technologies for li-ion battery fires are newer than the British Standards. All models on the market at present are water-based with additives designed to absorb & disperse the heat of failing lithium-ion cells, or to contain the heat and prevent it propagating to other cells in the battery.

What fire extinguisher do I need?

What fire extinguisher do I need?

Choosing the right fire extinguisher for your premises can be challenging. There are six main types of fire extinguisher and the most suitable should be chosen based on the types of fire risk that is present at your premises.

Fire extinguishers for paper & wood

Water, water mist, foam and powder fire extinguishers are all suitable for use on a class A fire such as fires involving paper and wood. If paper and wood is the only fire risk, a water or water mist fire extinguisher is ideal.

Fire extinguishers for fires involving live electrical equipment

Water mist, CO2 and powder fire extinguishers, plus some foam extinguishers are all usually suitable for use on live electrical equipment. Water-based fire extinguishers have to pass a di-electric test to check whether they are most suitable fire extinguisher for your premises is also determined based on the environment where the fire could potentially take place. For example, a powder fire extinguisher is not recommended for use indoors as this will reduce visibility and make breathing difficult; whereas a water mist extinguisher is recommended as the best solution for homeowners due to its safety and effectiveness for most common types of domestic fire. Our water mist fire extinguishers contain only de-ionised water. They are environmentally friendly, contain no harmful substances, and leave no residue when discharged.

Fire extinguishers for home

Whilst it is not a legal requirement in the UK to have a fire extinguisher in your home, it is recommended. Safelincs recommend a water mist fire extinguisher to be kept in homes due to its versatility in being able to put out a range of fire types. Water mist fire extinguishers are suitable for class A, B, C, F and Electrical fires, making them a great all-round fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers for oil

Cooking fires require a class F fire extinguisher, making a wet chemical extinguisher an ideal solution. This is particularly true when dealing with large volumes of cooking oils or fats. Many water mist fire extinguishers also carry a class F rating, but we do not recommend using one on anything above a 5F fire rating (equivalent to an average domestic deep fat fryer).

Fire extinguishers for kitchen

It’s wise to keep a class F fire extinguisher in your kitchen in case of any cooking oil fires. In domestic kitchens, a fire blanket coupled with a water mist fire extinguisher is usually sufficient to cover all fire risks. Wet chemical extinguishers and fire blankets are ideal for use in commercial kitchens for tackling larger pan or oil fires.

Fire extinguishers for office

Offices have a range of fire risks such as carpets, blinds, paper and electrics. Water mist fire extinguishers are very versatile and are suitable for a range of fire types including fires involving live electrical equipment. This makes them ideal for use in an office environment. Water fire extinguishers are suitable for class A fire risks such as paper, but should be paired with a CO2 fire extinguisher in case of an electrical fire.

What is a fire extinguisher rating?

What is a fire extinguisher rating?

A fire extinguisher rating defines the type and size fire the extinguisher can put out. For example, a 13A/55B fire extinguisher would be able to combat class A fires up to size 13 and class B fires up to size 55.

For class A fires, the ‘size’ is calculated using a specific configuration of wooden sticks to simulate a Class A fire. Class B fires are easier to understand as the number represents how many litres of burning fuel the fire extinguisher can tackle.

Are fire extinguishers a legal requirement?

Are fire extinguishers a legal requirement?

Fire extinguishers are not legally required in privately-owned homes in the UK. However, fire extinguishers are a legal requirement in commercial buildings and it is recommended that there should be at least two class A fire extinguishers on every floor in a building. Businesses are also likely to need a CO2 fire extinguisher due to the electrical fire risk. You are required to have 3ltr, 6ltr or 9ltr fire extinguishers based on the size of the building, so you can refer to the Government website to see which applies to yours.

Are fire extinguishers toxic?

Are fire extinguishers toxic?

AFFF foam fire extinguishers contain toxic PFAS chemicals and therefore have been discontinued by Safelincs. There are a number of risks associated with the fluorine compounds (PFAS) found in AFFF foam extinguishers making them harmful to the environment and living organisms. Safelincs have an alternative range of eco-friendly foam fire extinguishers that are fluorine free and are available for purchase.

Dry powder fire extinguishers can be toxic to humans if ingested in large quantities. Inhaling or ingesting small amounts of dry powder can lead to symptoms such as an upset stomach and sore throat. Contact with the skin can also cause itchiness and redness. Dry powder fire extinguishers are not recommended for use indoors for this reason.

CO2 fire extinguishers should be discharged with care as they can cause cold burns if the pressured gas comes into contact with the skin. CO2 also replaces the oxygen in the air when discharged and can lead to risk of asphyxiation if used in a confined space.

Water mist or water fire extinguishers are the most environmentally friendly fire extinguishers as they contain only water. The media in these extinguishers are not harmful to humans, wildlife or the environment and can be used indoors or outdoors.


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