Extinguisher Servicing Companies Over-charging by up to 80%!

The British Standard requires stored pressure powder, foam and water extinguishers to be discharged and re-filled after 5 years (this is called the ‘extended service’). At this point, the extinguishers get discharged tested, inspected, filled with fresh extinguishing medium and re-pressurised. However, some of the larger extinguisher servicing companies choose to spread out this extended extinguisher service evenly over the five years. That means that 20% of the extinguishers are refilled every year, starting after year 1 (even though the extinguisher is nearly new). Over a period of ten years, a common life span for many extinguishers these days, this results in 80% more extended services, 80% more chemicals than really needed and a massive increase in costs to the customer! And all to make life easier for service engineers and extinguisher maintenance companies.

Safelincs has long denounced this practice and is only carrying out an extended extinguisher service when the full five years for the extended service are up. We never try to increase our income by adding unnecessary refills. Buy fire extinguishers and all related services from Safelincs, knowing that we will offer you substantial cost savings for all your fire fighting needs and that we will always act ethically.

Warning about pre-commissioned fire extinguishers

We occasionally get asked by our customers, if we could pre-service, or pre-commission our fire extinguishers for them prior to shipping. This practice, explicitly forbidden for all registered fire safety companies, involves a visual inspection and then labeling of an extinguisher with a signed off service label at the RETAILER’S warehouse. While this sounds like a clever practice, it is a service we would never offer to our customers. Apart from the fact that the British Standard BS5306-3:2009 specifically requests on-site commissioning to be completed AFTER all transport involved, the practice of pre-commissioning puts the customer both at the risk of injury and exposes them to substantial legal liabilities.

The main risk to the functioning of a fire extinguisher, and the reason for the requirement for extinguishers to be commissioned on site is damage during transport.


Handles can get bent with the biggest risk being the safety pin being bent to a degree where it cannot be removed in an emergency. The latter event happens when cheap fire extinguishers rest on their heads in transit. Be careful when purchasing extinguishers online from less professional suppliers, as they often use mild steel pins that bend easily. Safelincs’ fire extinguishers, on the other hand, are 100% protected in transit by special head protectors or the use of stainless steel pins with extended diameters so that the pins can never bend in transit.

Another transport risk is leakage of CO2 fire extinguishers in transit. CO2 fire extinguishers do not have pressure valves and only a careful weight test during commissioning (removing the horn and measuring with precision scales) will reveal any loss in pressure and weight.

The other strong rationale for proper on-site commissioning is that customers require a certificate by an engineer to state that their premises are covered in accordance to the British Standard. A sticker on the extinguisher does not certify that the extinguisher is installed in the correct position or that it is in fact the right extinguisher for the risks present at the location.

All of this means that by taking a shortcut buying pre-commissioned extinguishers you are putting yourself at risk of liability if a faulty extinguisher is the cause of a failed attempt to put out a fire, resulting in loss of property and possibly injury or death. An insurance company might not pay out for damages, if the extinguishers on site were not correctly commissioned.

Safelincs has long been addressing this issue and offers all its extinguishers with an optional ON-SITE commissioning or installation/commissioning service. Our BAFE certified engineers will visit you and commission or install and commission the extinguishers at your premises. If the commissioning and installation option is chosen, our engineer will survey your site to make sure you have the correct extinguisher provision, fit the extinguishers brackets in the correct location, certify the extinguishers and label and sign each extinguisher. You are then fully covered for all eventualities.

Free Extinguisher Site Surveys

Deciding what type of fire extinguishers you require or where to install them can be confusing. To help you with this task, Safelincs are offering free extinguisher site surveys to all businesses and organisations on mainland UK. There is a small charge for non-mainland locations.

The process is straight forward: either book your site survey online or contact one of our customer care team on 0800 612 6319. Within 14 days you will receive a phone call from one of our BAFE engineers to book a mutually convenient day for the site survey to be carried out.

On the day of your survey the engineer will issue you with a survey report and the recommendations for what you require. Our extinguisher servicing engineers can also give you a quote for carrying out the recommendations.

Once you have had time to consider the recommendations, you can contact our customer care team, who will confirm the quote with you and arrange your installation or service with one of our BAFE certified service engineers.

Not only does this service save you time it also saves you money. If you purchase any products or services from us, rest assured in the knowledge that our very competitive online prices apply, even when we are dealing with you face to face.

ISO 9001 Re-Audit

Safelincs Ltd have passed their first re-audit by BSI to ensure the continuing effective implementation of the ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

The audit took one day, with the assessor using a sampling method to ensure that the system was being implemented and maintained according to the standard of this accreditation.

This audit is part of the three year continuous assessment programme to ensure that all elements of the quality management system and BAFE are met.

Safelincs passed with flying colours and we received much positive feedback for our continuous improvement work and our outstanding customer service.

Safelincs receive BAFE certification

Safelincs are pleased to announce their BAFE accreditation for the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

Safelincs have a nationwide team of BAFE registered fire extinguisher servicing engineers. The BAFE accreditation and the related logo gives customers a visible way of recognising the professional competence of the company and the peace of mind that all service work undertaken by Safelincs is carried out to the same standard anywhere in the country. BAFE is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to improving the standards in fire protection. Companies who achieve BAFE accreditation are able to demonstrate their competence and quality of their service through this third party certification.

Safelincs offer installation, maintenance and commissioning of fire extinguishers without tying companies into a long term service agreement. If you would like to discuss your extinguisher maintenance needs, please do not hesitate to contact Safelincs on 0800 612 4827 or visit www.safelincs.co.uk Safelincs BAFE registration number: 1216