Extinguisher servicing, how we differ from the rest

The extinguisher servicing industry is renowned for  working with bonus packages for engineers.  Engineers usually receive a very small basic salary and have to top this up with sales out in the field. This means that customers are sold extinguishers and accessories that exceed their requirements, bumping up the costs for them in the process. Couple this with hidden charges for parts that need replacing and you soon find that your servicing bill was a lot more than you believed it would be.

At Safelincs we believe in honesty. We pay our engineers a proper and decent wage, with no need for them to increase their wage package by means of selling goods to customers on site. In fact, it is our policy for this very reason to never pay a bonus to any of our staff. This means that the advice our engineers give is genuine, you will only be advised to replace or add equipment when it is really necessary. We are the only extinguisher service company working in this way. Along side this we have clear servicing price lists and all basic spare parts are included in our servicing prices, so you won’t find any hidden extras.

If you would like advice on your extinguisher servicing or to book your extinguisher servicing, please call 0800 612 4827 or visit https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-extinguisher-servicing

Safelincs Grows Facilities Management Business

Fire safety specialist Safelincs is extending the services it provides to Integral, a leading Facilities Management company.

Safelincs originally won the business to provide and service fire extinguishers a year ago when the previous supplier was found to be too expensive on replacements and remedial work. Safelincs currently services around 400 appliances in 15 sites managed by Integral and further work planned on additional sites.

Jason Granger, Portfolio Supervisor, commented, “Using Safelincs to service extinguishers helps me keep control of costs. Everything is transparent and they are easy to do business with. I shall be using them to provide servicing on more Integral sites.”

Safelincs’ fire extinguisher servicing has clear pricing, no hidden costs and a one-off call out charge. All work is carried out in accordance to BS5306 and certified by Safelincs’ BAFE approved engineers. When additional components are required during a service, the engineer will quote the product and ask permission first before installing anything.

Nitrogen regulator and hose

Many companies service their own fire extinguishers. They have trained a staff member through one of the UK’s extinguisher servicing training bodies and purchase their maintenance tools through Safelincs. In a series of blogs we present these tools to our readers and customers.

The nitrogen regulator and hose is an essential piece of equipment used by servicing engineers on stored pressure fire extinguishers.  When used with the correct adapter or recharge bar (matching the fire extinguisher make), the fire extinguisher can then be connected to a nitrogen gas bottle.  This allows for the fire extinguisher to be re-pressurised.

Safelincs offer a nitrogen regulator and hose with a working pressure of 20bar (300psi).  It also features a ¼” female quick-fit connector.  The regulator and all other equipment required for refilling and servicing fire extinguishers can be found in the tools and spares section of our website.

Extinguisher leasing now available

With our extinguisher lease contracts our customers now have an attractive alternative to purchasing extinguishers outright.  The lease agreement can be taken out for a chosen number of  years, allowing you to hand over the responsibility for installation and yearly extinguisher maintenance to us at fixed yearly costs. The costing for the lease contracts is based on our competitive online prices for fire extinguishers and servicing, so you can be certain to be offered a very attractive lease pricing.

Unlike most lease contracts you can cancel this agreement with us at any time (subject to the purchase of the final extinguisher value).

Included in the contract is a FREE site survey to ensure that you have selected the correct extinguishers to cover your premises as well as the yearly maintenance checks and consumables that are required throughout the contract duration.

You have the peace of mind that all the work on your fire extinguishers will be carried out in accordance with BS5306 by our BAFE registered engineers.

To work out the yearly costs, select the extinguishers you require and the number of years you want the contract for and the system will instantly give you a yearly payment amount. You can then continue with the order process.

Any questions, please ring 0800 612 6537

Safelincs receive BAFE certification

Safelincs are pleased to announce their BAFE accreditation for the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

Safelincs have a nationwide team of BAFE registered fire extinguisher servicing engineers. The BAFE accreditation and the related logo gives customers a visible way of recognising the professional competence of the company and the peace of mind that all service work undertaken by Safelincs is carried out to the same standard anywhere in the country. BAFE is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to improving the standards in fire protection. Companies who achieve BAFE accreditation are able to demonstrate their competence and quality of their service through this third party certification.

Safelincs offer installation, maintenance and commissioning of fire extinguishers without tying companies into a long term service agreement. If you would like to discuss your extinguisher maintenance needs, please do not hesitate to contact Safelincs on 0800 612 4827 or visit www.safelincs.co.uk Safelincs BAFE registration number: 1216