How to Cope With a Christmas Tree Fire

Most of us have now got our Christmas trees up and decorated, all twinkling lights and glittering baubles.  With this we are not only introducing a bit of festive spirit into our homes but also a fire risk. As the needles dry out and the electric light chains are wrapped around the branches we have to be aware that a fire could start on a Christmas tree.

If you have a real tree, make sure you give it water on a regular basis, this will reduce the speed at which a fire will accelerate should the tree catch fire. As the fire can start due to an electrical fault with tree lights, turn off your lights before going to bed or if you go out.

Make sure that your smoke alarms have been tested and that you have a fire extinguisher at hand. Traditional extinguishers, which should mostly be capable of putting out a Christmas tree fire, will leave the room in a devastating mess. Water mist fire extinguishers, on the other hand, deploy a fine water mist, which is very effective at putting out a fire,  but will not leave any additional mess to clear up afterwards.

Watch this video to see how effective the water mist extinguisher is when tackling a Christmas tree fire.

As you can see there is no water being sprayed all over the tree or room. The water mist extinguishes the fire with speed. There are no chemicals in this extinguisher, making it safe to use near children or pets.

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Non-chemical fire extinguisher ideal for schools

There’s a new type of fire extinguisher that will put out just about any type of fire without leaving harmful residues or creating unpleasant or dangerous fumes. The UltraFire Water Mist Fire Extinguisher’s supersonic nozzle disperses microscopic water mist particles to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials quickly and easily.

“As there are no chemicals involved they are perfect for use in schools,” explains Harry Dewick-Eisele, managing director of Safelincs who supply the product. “They can be used on just about every type of fire including electrical fires, and the speed at which they extinguish flames and suppress fumes and smoke is quite incredible.”

They are 100% environmentally friendly and the water mist protects the user from heat.

The extinguishers are LPCB approved to EN3, come with a five year warranty and have extraordinary fire fighting capability. The ease of use, and the range of fires they can tackle, simplify training and remove the risk of the extinguishers being used incorrectly.

And, should the extinguisher be misused, the discharge of the water mist extinguisher is at low pressure and not dangerous. The water itself is, of course, completely harmless.

To see a video of how the UltraFire Water Mist Fire Extinguisher performs in relation to other extinguishers go here:

Product details here:

Free Water Mist Extinguishers for Qwackers Pre-School

Qwackers Pre-School in Alford, Lincolnshire has been part of the life of generations of local people. It started off in a hall at the side of a babbling brook where ducks swam. The group then moved to a second-hand prefab building that was erected on the site of the John Spendluffe School.

This building has served a good purpose but with many years of wear and tear it became apparent that it was no longer viable to repair the structure any longer. After several years of campaigning Qwackers have now moved into a brand new building on their old site.

We always like to support local causes and as Qwackers is a registered charity we wanted to show our support by installing new extinguishers for them and maintaining the extinguishers on a yearly basis in the future completely free of charge.

We chose to install Water Mist extinguishers, which when deployed will leave no residue and will not cause water damage as with conventional water extinguishers. The Water Mist extinguishers are fitted with a supersonic nozzle, creating a microscopic mist curtain. The water mist removes oxygen from the fire and also cools the material that is alight, reducing the chance of re-ignition. Because the extinguisher is creating a fog rather than a jet, the water mist extinguishers are ideal for schools and nurseries, as children cannot hurt themselves, should they ever set off an extinguisher.

Water Mist extinguishers are also perfect for home, offices, shops and kitchens, and their testing credentials mean they can even be used on electrical equipment too!