Break the fire triangle

The fire triangle is made up of three elements: fuel, oxygen and heat. Basic fire safety training teaches us that removing any one of these elements is the first step to stopping the fire and will prevent the fire from spreading and causing irreversible damage. A range of fire protection equipment will help you and your staff to break this triangle if it is reasonably safe to do so. Fire safety training will give you further advice on various situations and what to do.

Equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets are extremely important in stopping a small fire from spreading. However, fire should only be tackled if staff are trained in the use of fire extinguishers and are confident in what they are doing. When it comes to fire extinguishers, it is also vital that the right extinguisher is to hand and that staff know which extinguisher to use and the importance of this.

Of course, preventing a fire from starting in the first place is always the best form of fire safety. Encourage staff to keep an eye out for potential causes of fire, such as faulty electrical equipment or hazardous materials, and use flammable liquid storage cabinets to work towards removing the ‘fuel’ element of the famous fire triangle.  We have both single and double door cabinets available in a range of sizes, allowing you to store all of your chemicals, hazardous materials and flammable liquids safely away from the reach of potential fire.