Waterloo Homes Install EvacSill Concealed Escape Ladders

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A new housing estate in Louth, Lincolnshire installed 5 EvacSill concealed fire escape ladders. The estate was built with timber-framed, two- storey houses, aimed mainly at families. evacsill-ladderTo allow quick and safe escape from the upper floors, EvacSill ladders were installed.

Developed and manufactured by Safelincs, these fire escape ladder systems are fitted hidden in the inner wall of a house. In an emergency, the window sill is pulled out and the ladder is deployed. EvacSill escape ladders are available for timber-framed as well as brick-built houses. While they are mainly aimed at new-build homes, they can also be retro-fitted. The EvacSill ladders are always accessible, can never be mis-laid or lost and offer a rapid escape.

New fold-out fire escape ladder – Innovation in the UK

Safelincs has launched a new fold-out fire escape ladder for private and commercial use. The Saffold escape ladder is fitted to the outside of a building and, when not in use, folds into a neat, drainpipe-like fixture. This appearance makes it unobtrusive to the eye, while unauthorised access is prevented with a pin situated at the top of the ladder, locking it in position.

The Saffold fold-out ladderThe ladder design is based on the successful Modum fire escape ladder with a number of improved or new features. All man-made fibre components have now been replaced with stainless steel and the rungs and extension handles have been re-designed, making them easier and safer to use.

The same 15 year warranty applies and the new Saffold segments can be added to existing Modum installations. The Saffold ladder is supplied in modular segments, which can be connected to a maximum 10m in length.

The new fold-out ladder can also be used as an access ladder for flat roofs or engineering platforms. An optional key lock can also be added to add additional security if required.

Design right for new fire escape ladder system granted

After several years of development Safelincs has received design rights recognition for its new escape ladder system in new homes. The new escape ladder is hidden in the space below a window cill and can be deployed in seconds. Several housing associations have expressed an interest in the product. The new escape system will be for sale shortly.

Ken Ralph, the lead developer and a former technical director for an automotive company stated: ‘This project started a few years ago and was presented to one of the Dragon’s Den teams. It since developed to a fire escape solution which might well develop into the standard escape solution for residential housing’

We are inviting expressions of interest from architects and developers, housing associations and councils. Viewings can be booked by contacting Safelincs.

For an overview of all our escape ladders, visit our fire escape ladder section.

How to provide a fire escape from a roof top window

Our customers regularly buy fire escape ladders from us for their loft extensions. We can offer them a broad selection of fire escape ladders suited for the task.

When escaping from a gable end you can choose the same fire escape ladders as for ordinary fire escape windows.

However, when escaping over an angled roof not every fire escape ladder is suitable. One of our fire escape ladders for angled roofs is the Rollo Roll-out ladder. The ladder is hooked over the window sill of a Velux style roof window. As the ladder is stored rolled up ready for deployment there is no risk of tangling.  Once hooked over the sill, a toggle is pulled and the ladder rolls over the roof without the possibility of getting stock somewhere on the roof or snagging on the guttering. The backsheet of the ladder ensures a smooth deployment. You can adjust the hooks to the thickness of the chosen window sill on receipt of the ladder. The ladder can be deployed and rolled up again and again to practise your escape procedure with your family, although we do not recommend that you climb down the ladder during the fire drill. You can always climb up a few steps after deployment to test the strength and to get used to the ‘feel’ of the ladder.

Another option is the EasyScape fire escape ladder. The chain ladder has no hook but clips into two permanently fitted eyebolts in an emergency. As it has no hooks it is easier to lift than the Rollo ladder. The EasyScape ladders are rolled up with a backing sheet just as the Rollo to avoid snagging on the roof. To prepare the ladder for your roof window you will need to fit the eyebolts (included with the ladder) to a wall of solid construction i.e. masonry, under the window you have elected as an escape window.

Safelincs is happy to answer any queries with regards to your fire escape window. You can also send us some photos of your application and we will find the best solution for you.

Man in Ingham County, Michigan saves life of daughter with escape ladder

Mark Kennel has very little left from his home after a house fire except his charred wedding album after he, his wife, Amber and daughter, Kelsey managed to escape the flames with the help of a fire escape ladder.

A fire broke out at their home in Ingham County. Mr Kennel stated that it was not the heat or flames that caused problems during the incident but in actual fact it was the smoke that was their biggest problem. ‘Smoke is ungodly, I’ve never experienced anything like that, flames are one thing, it wasn’t hot, but you just can’t breathe.’ said Mr Kennel.

Luckily for the Kennel family they had been given a fire escape ladder as a Christmas present by their mother and father in law a few years ago. Mr Kennel used the ladder to evacuate the daughter out of the building. Mrs Kennel, who is five months pregnant was having difficulty getting out of the blazing house. Mr Kennel was then able to rescue her once he had climbed down the fire escape ladder by using a forklift truck.

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See the actual fire escape ladder

Family of three die in house fire, Doncaster

A family of three, died in a house fire in Doncaster on March 29 2009. It has not yet been ascertained if the house was fitted with working smoke alarms or how the fire started. This tragedy will be heart felt by many people, not only those who live in the district of the incident but also many people who have children and can relate to the tragic loss of life.

Correctly fitting smoke alarms and a fire escape ladder could save your life. Ensure that you and your family know what to do in the event of a fire and practice your escape plan.

Fire is one of those things that we all think will not happen to us, don’t be caught out.

Our condolences go to the family and relatives at this sad time.

Development Status of new Cavity Fire Escape Ladder

Following the granting of the design rights earlier in the year, Safelincs has now moved to the pre-production tooling stage for the new Safelincs Cavity Fire Escape Ladder, which is designed to fit in the inner leaf of newbuild homes. The ladder and all its elements are completely hidden from view and can be deployed in less time than traditional portable fire escape ladders. The next step is to go through the necessary safety certification as required for the building industry. One building company has already agreed to install these ladders in a number of their homes for final field trials.

Safelincs Registers New Escape Ladder

Safelincs has been granted design rights by the UK Patent Office for a new, ground-breaking design of fire escape ladder located in the wall and cavity of new-built homes. This fire escape ladder is totally hidden from sight, is accessible within seconds and can be deployed easily, even by children. The ladder should be available by the end of the 4th quarter 2008