Waterloo Homes Install EvacSill Concealed Escape Ladders

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A new housing estate in Louth, Lincolnshire installed 5 EvacSill concealed fire escape ladders. The estate was built with timber-framed, two- storey houses, aimed mainly at families. evacsill-ladderTo allow quick and safe escape from the upper floors, EvacSill ladders were installed.

Developed and manufactured by Safelincs, these fire escape ladder systems are fitted hidden in the inner wall of a house. In an emergency, the window sill is pulled out and the ladder is deployed. EvacSill escape ladders are available for timber-framed as well as brick-built houses. While they are mainly aimed at new-build homes, they can also be retro-fitted. The EvacSill ladders are always accessible, can never be mis-laid or lost and offer a rapid escape.

Fire Escape Ladder Guide

saffold-fold-out-fire-escape-ladderOne of the first fire safety product ranges Safelincs introduced back in 2001 were fire escape ladders. Originally, these were aimed at domestic homes and families. By now, our range of fire escape systems and fire escape ladders has swelled and we have introduced several fire escape ladders that are suitable for businesses as well as home users. Notably the Saffold fire escape fold-out ladder is an escape system frequently used in business or public sector environments. When folded away the Saffold looks as inconspicuous as a drain pipe and has been installed on listed buildings. To help our customers to find the right escape ladder for their application, we have created a help guide. It should assist you with the large selection of products and help you to understand the options that are available.

Should you have any questions with regards to fire escape ladders, please ring us on 0800 612 6537 or email us at service@safelincs.co.uk. You can also send images and dimensions for us to check out.

Export of Fire Safety Products

We provide an export service for any customers requiring fire safety products overseas. Do you want to purchase fire escape hoods, fire extinguishers, fire escape ladders, smoke alarms or emergency lighting to be shipped to you anywhere in the world?  Safelincs is here to help.

As well as being able to cater for fire safety customers in the UK, Safelincs is able to quote international customers for their fire safety needs.  Recent enquiries include delivery of anti-tamper seals to Vanuatu, fireproof safes to Dubai, fire escape hoods to UAE, fire extinguishers to Bangladesh, fire door retainers to Sri Lanka and fire extinguishers to Ascension Ilands. There is almost no country that we have not supplied yet.

Each international enquiry is unique to us and Safelincs will always strive to conform precisely to customer requirements.  On request, we will supply necessary documentation including Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Conformity.  Dedicated staff at Safelincs are trained in the transportation of dangerous goods.  Of course some dangerous goods restrictions may apply, we shall research the best transport method available for your destination to ensure you receive the products.

If you would like to receive a quotation for delivery outside of the UK, please complete our international delivery enquiry form.  We look forward to hearing from you!