How to provide a fire escape from a roof top window

Our customers regularly buy fire escape ladders from us for their loft extensions. We can offer them a broad selection of fire escape ladders suited for the task.

When escaping from a gable end you can choose the same fire escape ladders as for ordinary fire escape windows.

However, when escaping over an angled roof not every fire escape ladder is suitable. One of our fire escape ladders for angled roofs is the Rollo Roll-out ladder. The ladder is hooked over the window sill of a Velux style roof window. As the ladder is stored rolled up ready for deployment there is no risk of tangling.  Once hooked over the sill, a toggle is pulled and the ladder rolls over the roof without the possibility of getting stock somewhere on the roof or snagging on the guttering. The backsheet of the ladder ensures a smooth deployment. You can adjust the hooks to the thickness of the chosen window sill on receipt of the ladder. The ladder can be deployed and rolled up again and again to practise your escape procedure with your family, although we do not recommend that you climb down the ladder during the fire drill. You can always climb up a few steps after deployment to test the strength and to get used to the ‘feel’ of the ladder.

Another option is the EasyScape fire escape ladder. The chain ladder has no hook but clips into two permanently fitted eyebolts in an emergency. As it has no hooks it is easier to lift than the Rollo ladder. The EasyScape ladders are rolled up with a backing sheet just as the Rollo to avoid snagging on the roof. To prepare the ladder for your roof window you will need to fit the eyebolts (included with the ladder) to a wall of solid construction i.e. masonry, under the window you have elected as an escape window.

Safelincs is happy to answer any queries with regards to your fire escape window. You can also send us some photos of your application and we will find the best solution for you.