Extinguisher servicing, how we differ from the rest

The extinguisher servicing industry is renowned for  working with bonus packages for engineers.  Engineers usually receive a very small basic salary and have to top this up with sales out in the field. This means that customers are sold extinguishers and accessories that exceed their requirements, bumping up the costs for them in the process. Couple this with hidden charges for parts that need replacing and you soon find that your servicing bill was a lot more than you believed it would be.

At Safelincs we believe in honesty. We pay our engineers a proper and decent wage, with no need for them to increase their wage package by means of selling goods to customers on site. In fact, it is our policy for this very reason to never pay a bonus to any of our staff. This means that the advice our engineers give is genuine, you will only be advised to replace or add equipment when it is really necessary. We are the only extinguisher service company working in this way. Along side this we have clear servicing price lists and all basic spare parts are included in our servicing prices, so you won’t find any hidden extras.

If you would like advice on your extinguisher servicing or to book your extinguisher servicing, please call 0800 612 4827 or visit https://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-extinguisher-servicing

Extinguisher Servicing Companies Over-charging by up to 80%!

The British Standard requires stored pressure powder, foam and water extinguishers to be discharged and re-filled after 5 years (this is called the ‘extended service’). At this point, the extinguishers get discharged tested, inspected, filled with fresh extinguishing medium and re-pressurised. However, some of the larger extinguisher servicing companies choose to spread out this extended extinguisher service evenly over the five years. That means that 20% of the extinguishers are refilled every year, starting after year 1 (even though the extinguisher is nearly new). Over a period of ten years, a common life span for many extinguishers these days, this results in 80% more extended services, 80% more chemicals than really needed and a massive increase in costs to the customer! And all to make life easier for service engineers and extinguisher maintenance companies.

Safelincs has long denounced this practice and is only carrying out an extended extinguisher service when the full five years for the extended service are up. We never try to increase our income by adding unnecessary refills. Buy fire extinguishers and all related services from Safelincs, knowing that we will offer you substantial cost savings for all your fire fighting needs and that we will always act ethically.

Fire extinguisher head cap removal and recharge bars

Safelincs supply fire extinguisher maintenance tools to service engineers and to companies carrying out their own extinguisher servicing. This blog describes one of the tools needed for servicing stored pressure extinguishers.
In order to conform to BS5306 requirements, many insurance companies stipulate that fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually.  It is during servicing that engineers may find that the existing fire extinguisher head cap needs to be replaced.  In order to do this, the engineer needs to have a head cap/valve removal bar, which is screwed into the extinguisher hose thread for use.  As hose threads differ according to the make of fire extinguisher, it is important that engineers use the correct removal bar for the fire extinguisher model.

As well as a tool for head cap/valve removal, some extinguisher bars can also be used in conjunction with a nitrogen regulator and hose.  These are known as “recharge bars” as they have the ability to work as an adapter to help re-pressurise the fire extinguisher.

In our range of extinguisher tools we offer head cap/valve removal bars suitable for Firechief, Thomas Glover, Gloria and Jewel Saffire/Ultrafire Redline fire extinguishers.

New 10 Year Extinguishers without any Maintenance Costs!

We can now offer our customers a new type of fire extinguisher that will help them save hundreds of pounds!!! Safelincs have become the exclusive online retail partner for Britannia Fire, distributing their new P50 extinguisher, a 10 year guaranteed fire extinguisher that does not require servicing, hence saving substantial amounts of money year on year.

Britannia Fire, based in Norwich, is a long standing manufacturer of fire extinguishers in the UK and has been supplying the MOD, the public sector and the fire safety industry since the 1970s.

The extinguisher is durable and light, using Kevlar (usually associated with bullet-proof vests) to manufacture the extinguishers inner core. The steel cylinder of traditional fire extinguishers has been replaced with a composite polyethylene plastic shell, providing UV protection, preventing corrosion and providing substantially better durability in comparison. This plastic shell is then used to protect the Kevlar core from the elements and allows the P50 extinguisher to be confidently installed in external locations.

The extinguisher has taken 5 years to develop and has gone through the most rigorous testing to ensure that it meets and even exceeds all standards for a fire extinguisher.  The extinguishers are certified to the EN3 standard and have a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee as well as a ten year service-free life. The extinguishers durability is tested by pressurising the canisters with 25 bar pressure over 12,000 times! They then have to withstand being crushed flat by a blade before being filled again with over 55 bar without being allowed to burst. Britannia’s P50 extinguishers are made to last!

This P50 extinguisher range does not require an annual service call-out from an extinguisher engineer and refilling or replacing after five years. All that is required for these extinguishers is for the business owner or the chosen competent person to carry out the manufacturer’s simple 3 step self-maintenance check. The checks are then recorded in the fire log book and on each extinguisher.

The Britannia P50 extinguishers are also covered by a ‘free after fire replacement’ should the extinguisher ever be used to tackle a fire or get damaged in a fire Safelincs will replace the unit within 7 days free of charge.

Safelincs offers free delivery, a free site survey and free installation with the extinguishers to ensure that our customers install the extinguishers in the correct quantities and in the best locations.

This revolutionary service-free fire extinguisher is only available online from Safelincs Ltd.