A buying guide for security safes and fireproof safes

Fireproof SafeThere is a huge choice of safes in the market and it is difficult and sometimes confusing to make a buying decision without some guidance. We have therefore compiled a short buying guide to help you, although you can of course ring us for advice if you prefer. We are always happy to help.

You may want to purchase a safe due to either an event that has triggered your need to buy a safe or simply because your insurance policy states that you need to have one for your property or business. Ultimately, you purchase a safe to protect an item from being stolen or damaged in the event of a burglary, fire and increasingly flooding.

Most safes will show an insurance rating designed to indicate the level of security that the safe will provide. The higher the insurance rating normally means the more secure the safe is, however you should always check with your insurance underwriter that they will actually cover you for the value you need. Just like all insurance the value may vary depending on you individual circumstances.

You may initially only need a safe to protect cash and valuables, however, many people eventually keep the following items in their safe, so it is important to chose a safe that is big enough!

  • Certificates
  • Deeds
  • Contracts
  • Passports
  • Photo’s – digital or paper
  • Videos – digital
  • Licenses
  • All items/documentation that will help you start again after a fire
  • Backup drives for computers and servers
  • HR files

When purchasing a safe consider what would happen if you lost the key or forgot the code to gain entry. Not all brands offer a key replacement or code retrieval service, which you may need very quickly to gain access to your safe. Safelincs’ suppliers provide a key replacement and code retrieval service to ensure that you can access your safe again quickly (special exceptions apply). You will need to keep some evidence, such as an invoice, about your purchase in a safe place, however this should not be in the safe itself, so that when the need arises you can quickly request a new key or a new access code.

Fireproof Safes

There is a myth that all safes will offer a level of protection against fire, however, because steel is a good conductor of heat, ordinary safes become an oven if exposed to fire and will incinerate its contents unless the safe has a fire resistant barrier in the body and door.

Fireproof safes, also called fire safes, are designed to protect the contents from fire while still providing some level of protection from theft. It’s important that all safes claiming to offer a level of protection from fire have this independently certified from a 3rd party test agency. This is important because you want to be able to trust the safe you have purchased to perform exactly in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims.

Most fire tests will offer 3 levels of fire resistant in terms of time:

  1. Good = 30 mins
  2. Better = 60 mins
  3. Best = 120 mins

The temperatures vary slightly between tests but are mostly:

  1. 843°c
  2. 927°c
  3. 1010°c

The UL (USA) Class 350 test also includes a drop test after burning to ensure the door of the safe doesn’t open if dropped from a height (simulating a floor in a burning building collapsing). The 2 drop tests are:

  1. 15ft (4.5m)
  2. 30ft (9.1m)

Some fire safes in the market also protect its contents from water. There are two grades of water protection. Protection against immersion (flooding) and protection against spray (from a fire fighter’s hose).

We offer a range of specialist fireproof safes for the permanent storage and protection of hard drives. These hard drives stay inside of a fireproof safe and are powered and linked to via a USB connection that passes through the wall of the safe. This allows you to automatically create computer backups to external hard drives which are stored in a fireproof safe without ever having to move or unplug hard drives for backup purposes.

All safes purchased from Safelincs come with free delivery to your door. An indoor delivery can be quoted by us.

Safelincs offers a free replacement after a fire should your safe be affected by a fire.

Fireproof safes explained

What is the difference between fireproof safes for paper, digital media and data? How does the safe keep the temperatures inside low? These are just some of the question our customers ask. Our editor Sally Heavens has researched everything that is known about fireproof safes and compacted that knowledge into a buying guide.

Fireproof storage to keep your Items Secure

Protecting valuables and important documents from fire is an important part of disaster recover for most businesses and even households. At Safelincs, we provide a wide range of fireproof safes, boxes, filing cabinets and fireproof cupboards to suit various industrial, domestic and commercial applications.

To meet the requirements of the business or consumer in question, we offer bespoke solutions for your fireproof storage. Typical documents requiring fire protection include insurance policies, wills, cash, contracts and certificates. However, backup tapes, backup drives and CDs also need protecting to allow a quick business start after a fire has hit.

Our fireproof boxes and safes are available in various sizes and can offer fire and water protection from thirty to ninety minutes.

Fireproof boxes:

Fireproof boxes have a top opening lid, can usually be carried and offer little protection against theft. However, they offer a cost-efficient solution when you are trying to protect a small number of documents against water and fire.

Fireproof safes:

We offer front opening fire safes which offer not only fire protection but also a degree of theft protection. Fireproof safes are front-opening and come in various versions:

–  Fireproof safes for paper and valuable protection. These fire safes protect paper from charring

– Fireproof safes for digital media, which keep the temperature low enough to protect electronic data carriers , such as CDs, hard drives and USB sticks

– Fireproof safes for data tapes, which keep the temperature of the safe in a fire low enough to even protect fine data tape or photographic film, which is very temperature sensitive.

Fireproof filing cabinets:

Fireproof filing cabinets are installed where large amounts of documents must be protected against fire while keeping the files accessible.

Our ‘refine your search’ tool will help you identify the right fire safe for you out of the huge and sometimes confusing selection of fire safes.

If you have still questions, please ring us and our friendly customer care team will help you choose the right safe.


5 Year extended warranty on ALL essential fire safety goods

Many fire safety products purchased by our customers are long term purchases and so a long lasting quality is expected. Despite this expectation we were always surprised at the short warranties offered by manufacturers. How could a large fire safe costing hundreds of pounds be only warranted for two years? We saw this as a challenge and Safelincs has been researching alternative suppliers and forms of underwriting for its fire safety product range ever since. As a first step we introduced a 10 year warranty on our top range of fire extinguishers, an extended warranties for the Dorgard fire door retainers and as the final achievement we have now rolled out a free extended warranty on all essential fire safety goods. All these products will now have a warranty of at least 5 years. The extended warranties consist of the warranty offered by the manufacturer plus the additional free extended warranty underwritten by Safelincs.

Products that will be covered by the 5 year extended warranty are

  • all fire safes
  • anti-arson letterboxes
  • emergency lights
  • Dorgard fire door retainers
  • fire door closers (10 year warranty)
  • exit hardware (10 year warranty)

And of course all our smoke and CO alarms, as well as all our extinguishers, already have a minimum five year warranty.

These free extended warranties will ensure our customers get value for money and that they can be confident that when dealing with us they will always get a professional service and the best fire safety products available in the market.

Our extended 5 year warranty on all essential fire safety goods and our free after fire replacement policy are just two reasons why Safelincs continues to be the supplier of choice for fire safety goods for many businesses. Buy from Safelincs, the UK’s largest online fire safety supplier, to ensure that your products will still be working when you expect them to.

Launch of newly updated Safelincs Fire Safety Forum

Today sees the launch of our newly updated Fire Safety forum. The forum, which customers and the general public use to discuss their fire safety issues and to get answers to their fire safety questions, is now accessible from the main page of our website.

The forum features fire safety categories to make searching for answers and previous discussions easier. The categories range from fire safety advice, fire safety products, shipping products to product returns. The new forum makes joining much easier than our previous forum and posting comments and questions is now straight forward and easy to do.

There are already some very useful posts in the fire safety products section concerning smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire safes. Members have posted queries about updating their interlinking smoke alarm systems and how to add different compatible alarms to their existing interlinked smoke alarm system.

It is hoped that the new location will encourage more active discussions between users and will be a valuable source of information.

Alpha Fire Resistant Safes

Alpha’s range of secure fire safes has been specifically developed to provide protection from burglary and fire damage. These safes are equally suitable for both domestic and business use and their two tone finish blends in with any office environment.

The safes offer a cash cover of £2,000, which rises to £20,000 for anything stored inside that is not cash. Coupled with testing to MTS (Grade B), which provides 60 minutes protection from fire for paper documents and up to 60 minutes fire resistance for digital media such as CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and flash drives, and you will find that these safes offer very good value for money.

The Alpha Fire Safes are prepared for base fixing to solid floors and feature a specially designed hinge-door system that allows the door to remain secure, even if the hinges are completely removed from the door during an attack.

The A160FK fire proof safe comes with a high security key-lock, featuring dimple cut keys, which are very resistant to manipulation. The remaining 2 models, the A200FED and the A250FE come with an extremely reliable EDL20 digital lock. With an opening code of between 4 and 16 digits (which is very easy to change if needed), external batteries (which mean you will never be locked out due to battery failure) and individual over-ride codes (for use if the safe is locked out due to an attack), the Alpha Fire Safe range offers you security and therefore peace of mind.

The storage options on the three models are varying which enables the user to choose a size that would best suit their requirements. The A160FK is capable of holding A4 documents lying flat, the A200FED comes with 5 internal removable A4 sized drawers and the A250FE has 1 removable drawer and a removable/adjustable shelf. These features offer flexible storage solutions which will resolve any unusual needs you may have.

The product is so good that we offer not one, but two guarantees. Firstly, a 2-year comprehensive on-site warranty covering parts and labour (in the highly-unlikely event of a lock failure). Like all our fire safety products, these fire safes are also covered by Safelincs’ free lifetime “after-the-fire” replacement warranty. This means if your Alpha Fire Resistant Safe is involved in a fire, we will replace it free of charge.

Export of Fire Safety Products

We provide an export service for any customers requiring fire safety products overseas. Do you want to purchase fire escape hoods, fire extinguishers, fire escape ladders, smoke alarms or emergency lighting to be shipped to you anywhere in the world?  Safelincs is here to help.

As well as being able to cater for fire safety customers in the UK, Safelincs is able to quote international customers for their fire safety needs.  Recent enquiries include delivery of anti-tamper seals to Vanuatu, fireproof safes to Dubai, fire escape hoods to UAE, fire extinguishers to Bangladesh, fire door retainers to Sri Lanka and fire extinguishers to Ascension Ilands. There is almost no country that we have not supplied yet.

Each international enquiry is unique to us and Safelincs will always strive to conform precisely to customer requirements.  On request, we will supply necessary documentation including Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Conformity.  Dedicated staff at Safelincs are trained in the transportation of dangerous goods.  Of course some dangerous goods restrictions may apply, we shall research the best transport method available for your destination to ensure you receive the products.

If you would like to receive a quotation for delivery outside of the UK, please complete our international delivery enquiry form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Safes can help NHS trusts to meet Information Governance requirements

Meet GDPR guidelines with our range of fire and security safes

In NHS trusts the most sensitive data that is handled are the patient records. Under the principles of information security all reasonable care must be taken to ensure that inappropriate access, modification or manipulation of this data is prevented from taking place. The Information Governance ensures that these principles are implemented and adhered to.

Safelincs offer a range of safes to store and protect both paper and media data. We offer 30 day accounts to public sector organisations and are able to deliver safes to multiple addresses.

The delivery of all our safes is free to your door. Indoor delivery options are available and pricing for these are bespoke to the requirements of each delivery.

Safelincs have built a reputation providing excellent customer service to our public sector clients, offering the best possible pre and post sale support.

To view our range of safes please visit – www.safelincs.co.uk