OxySure – Emergency Oxygen on Demand

OxySure Emergency OxygenFollowing the success of our first aid section, especially of our defibrillators, we have introduced a new medical emergency product range – Oxygen Care.  Oxygen is essential for our bodies to function correctly. A wide range of injuries or illnesses such as asthma, near drowning, cardiac problems or smoke inhalation restrict this critical oxygen supply, and within just 3 minutes of starving vital organs, irreparable tissue damage can occur.
Recognising the importance of providing the body with immediately accessible oxygen, OxySure is a safe, easy to operate emergency oxygen system, which can be used by anybody without previous training, by following a simple three step process:
1) Plug in the mask
2) Turn the knob
3) Place the mask over the nose and mouth of the patient
OxySure then provides a 15 minute supply of medically pure oxygen. This instant supply of oxygen helps to bridge the time gap until first responders arrive.
OxySure uses a revolutionary non-compressed technology, in which two inert powders, contained inside a disposable cartridge, are stored separately until the moment of activation. Once the knob is turned, the powders are combined to create medically pure oxygen. After use, the cartridge can be safely disposed of in regular household waste and a replacement cartridge is inserted.
Without the need for traditional pressurised cylinders, OxySure creates no fire risk or explosion hazard, and is safe to store in any indoor or public access location including the home, offices, sport centres, schools, restaurants, airports etc.
OxySure is there to help from the onset of a medical emergency. It provides lifesaving oxygen when you need it most until the arrival of the emergency services.
To find out more about OxySure, please visit our website or call 0800 612 6537 and our friendly customer services team will be happy to help.