Do fire doors restrict your movement?

Fire doors are a necessity but their design and purpose can sometimes restrict movement within a building. To ensure that fire doors are closed in the event of a fire and to avoid putting people at risk, they are fitted with a door closer. The door closer pushes the door closed once it has been opened. The strength of the door closer can make if difficult to open fire doors.

This can affect in particular elderly people in a care home or porters who have to push wheelchairs or trolleys. Promoting the mobility and independence of the elderly is essential to maintain their well being, but how do you achieve this without breaking any fire safety regulations?

Dorgard is a fire door retainer, which legally holds fire doors open with a plunger system. This allows free movement within the building but does not compromise your fire safety. On the sounding of the fire alarm system the Dorgard will release the plunger and enable the door closer to close the fire door, keeping the occupants of the building safe from the spread of fire.

For situations where it is a necessity to close fire doors at night the units can be programmed to close at a predetermined time. This clever unit has an exclusive 5 year warranty from Safelincs and is also offered with free shipping.  They are available in black, red and white.