Safelincs opens development office in Hull

Safelincs have been in business for over ten years, providing businesses and home owners with the best quality fire safety products and services available.  We are always striving to keep at the forefront of technological developments and believe in investment in the future with already almost 40% of staff working in web and product development.  As a logical continuation of this we are now opening a development office in Hull in addition to our existing development team in Alford.

Hull is an ideal place for us to open the office; being a university city it provides a great base for prospective new employees. Finding new employees with the high end skills we are looking for can be a problem. Hull offers a great number of talented web developers, web designers and designers and Safelincs will now increasingly tap into this creative pool of talent.

Safelincs currently works on a large number of exciting new projects, including a reporting tool for fire safety deviations and smoke alarm recognition software.