P50 service-free extinguisher wins APEA award

Britannia P50 Wins at APEA ShowAPEA, the UK’s Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration, has just awarded their 2014 Health and Safety Performance Award to Britannia for their P50 service-free fire extinguisher during the APEA Live 2014 Exhibition and Conference on the 5th November, where we exhibited the extinguishers jointly with Britannia. Safelincs is key marketing and distribution partner for the Britannia P50 extinguisher.

APEA represents the petroleum industry, including national regulators, local government authorities, oil companies, equipment manufacturers, forecourt operators and suppliers. Their yearly exhibition is visited not only by their members and suppliers but also by specialist sections from various fire brigades, fire service academies and other fire safety organisations.

The Health and Safety Performance Award at the conference was sponsored this year by Franklin Fueling Systems. The award is conferred to the organisation with the best health and safety system or programme.

After receiving the Award, Andy Spence, General Manager at the manufacturer Britannia in Norwich said,“This is a fantastic achievement for our business. This service-free fire extinguisher offers huge safety benefits for this industry and we are pleased that APEA has appreciated that by presenting us with this prestigious award.”

This award for the kitemarked P50 extinguisher is one of many acclamations for the products. The P50 extinguisher has now achieved a strong foothold in the fire safety industry, with customers as diverse as councils, colleges, refineries, schools, insurances, office, farms and other industries moving to the service-free regime of the P50s. Britannia is currently investing further into an increased production line output, for example a new quarter of a million pounds blow-moulding machine for the inner chemical cylinder.

P50 extinguishers do not require visits from service engineer and do not need to be refilled after 5 years.  Instead they are visually inspected once a year by the customer and the check is recorded in the fire safety logbook. When Safelincs installs these extinguishers, our engineers first carry out a site survey and then install and certify the extinguishers. We then train local staff in the visual inspection of the extinguishers and issue a training certificate. We recommend that the customers subsequently notify their insurers about their changed maintenance regime. With budgeting in mind we offer a phase-in programme to ease the changeover from traditional extinguishers to the P50s. This ensures extinguishers are only replaced when they are due for refill or replacement.

More Fire Stations to close

Fire EngineIn the wake of government cutbacks, up to seven Merseyside fire stations have been threatened with closure. The closure plan – which will lead to 100 firefighter job losses as retiring staff are not replaced – is expected to save £3.4m in 2015/16.

Many other areas are facing similar cuts as austerity measures continue to bite. At the beginning of the year Britain’s oldest fire station, in Clerkenwell, closed along with nine others in the London area. London Fire Brigade is cutting 552 firefighter jobs and reducing the number of fire engines by 14, saving £45m over two years.

London Fire Brigade said the cuts will not affect the service it provides because the number of fires has fallen by 50% over the last 10 years.

Improvements in passive fire protection such as fire resistant soft furnishing and the reduction of the number of smokers as well as changing diets with less deep fat fryers and fat being used have played important roles in this improvement.

The widespread installation of smoke alarms and the early warning these give have also had a major impact. Smoke alarm ownership increased rapidly from 8% in 1988 to 70% in 1994 in England, and has continued to rise in recent years to 88% in 2011. However, whilst only 12 per cent of dwellings report not having a working smoke alarm in England, more than one third of fires occurred where no alarm was installed. There were also numerous cases where fatalities have occurred despite smoke alarms being present, however, they either weren’t working or the batteries had been removed.

This emphasises how important it is to regularly check that smoke alarms are actually working by pressing their test button. Safelincs provides a free service to regularly remind householders via email to check their smoke alarms are working.

Having a working smoke alarm is, however, only the first step. Without having the ability to extinguish a small fire, even an early detection will not stop a building burning down. Portable fire extinguishers can be used to tackle small fires at an early stage, as long as the right medium is used.

In domestic situations Safelincs recommends the innovative water mist extinguisher which works by creating a very fine ‘dry’ mist which can be used on just about every type of household fire including electrical fires – with absolutely no chemical residue.

The authorities are adamant that the fire service cuts will not affect response times but the cutbacks will have acted as a wake-up call to many to enhance their domestic precautions.

Safelincs and Britannia exhibit at the APEA Live 2013 in Coventry

APEA Live 2013 is a trade show for the petroleum and explosives industry (APEA stands for ‘Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration’). Safelincs and Britannia jointly exhibited the P50 service free extinguishers to the refinery and forecourt industry. The P50 is particularly well suited to the harsh refinery and forecourt environment and reduces the cost of compliance dramatically, as traditional yearly fire extinguisher inspections in a safety critical environment require members of staff to accompany the service engineers. The P50, which only requires a visual inspection once a year without any servicing activities cuts out these burdens. The extinguishers are simply visually inspected by regular site safety personnel who receive introductory training when Safelincs install the extinguishers. The extinguishers have a ten year warranty and after ten years the P50 are re-furbished, giving them a further ten year life.
The show was well attended and we met some well known faces and made some new and exciting contacts.

Business Development Manager Stuart Baxter said ‘The atmosphere at this event is really friendly and constructive. Everybody knows each other and I am looking forward to follow up some of the new contacts we made this year’

If you would like more information on our P50 service free extinguisher, please contact us on 0800 612 6537