Cigarette fire safety

A fire in a flat in St Saviour, Jersey, was caused through a cigarette not being extinguished correctly.

The flat was severely damaged but luckily no one was injured.

It is paramount that cigarettes and all other smoking materials are put out completely to avoid such a fire outbreak. Do not put hot ashes or a newly extinguished cigarette into the bin. It may still be hot enough to ignite paper or other flammable materials and cause a house fire.

Ensure that you do not put sweet wrappers or paper of any sort into the ashtray. This could smoulder after you have put the cigarette out and ignite some time after you have left the room. Be aware of where you put your ashtray, keeping it away from upholstered furniture and curtains.

Always make one last check before going to bed at night and close all doors. This will keep a fire contained should one break out.

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