Finding a solution to cumbersome heavy fire doors

Dorgard-Main-PictureBusinesses, schools, hospitals and restaurants all have something in common – how to meet the needs of customers and staff while staying compliant with fire safety regulations. Cumbersome heavy fire doors fitted with a door closer ensure the safety of occupants and prevent the spread of fire but they cause issues for those moving from one area to another, especially when carrying heavy objects or for someone with impaired mobility.

Portland Youth Christian Outreach (PYCO), a small charitable organisation working with young people on the Isle of Portland, Dorset carried out their fire risk assessment and found that staff were wedging fire doors open to enable easy movement for staff and users and to enable staff to monitor activity in rooms. These wedges rendered the fire doors inoperative and could have led to serious prosecution for breach of fire safety related laws. Operations Manager at the centre, Zach  Williams said “Fire doors were often left wedged open as this was the only way that users could freely move around the centre and that staff could easily monitor what was happening in other rooms.”

The two main aims for the centre were to adhere to fire safety regulations and to maintain the free movement and monitoring possibility within the centre. It was identified that the Dorgard, a wireless fire door holder that is fitted to the bottom of your fire door would achieve these requirements. The Dorgard permanently holds fire doors open in the desired position. It then listens for the sound of a fire alarm and, on hearing it, lifts the plunger and allows the door closer to close the fire door. This prevents the spread of fire and smoke and gives protection to people within the building. Zach commented that “Fire doors make a real difference in protecting property, so these devices have made a great improvement to the safety of our building and all users. It allows both staff and volunteers to move around the centre with ease, without placing anyone, or the property at risk.”

Dorgard  is easily installed within 5 five minutes and, as it is battery operated, can be installed by almost anyone. This cost effective device helps with the flow of air within a building too, especially in the hot summer months.

Please view the Dorgard for more information or call 0800 612 6537. Watch this video to see how easy Dorgard is to install.

Do fire doors restrict your movement?

Fire doors are a necessity but their design and purpose can sometimes restrict movement within a building. To ensure that fire doors are closed in the event of a fire and to avoid putting people at risk, they are fitted with a door closer. The door closer pushes the door closed once it has been opened. The strength of the door closer can make if difficult to open fire doors.

This can affect in particular elderly people in a care home or porters who have to push wheelchairs or trolleys. Promoting the mobility and independence of the elderly is essential to maintain their well being, but how do you achieve this without breaking any fire safety regulations?

Dorgard is a fire door retainer, which legally holds fire doors open with a plunger system. This allows free movement within the building but does not compromise your fire safety. On the sounding of the fire alarm system the Dorgard will release the plunger and enable the door closer to close the fire door, keeping the occupants of the building safe from the spread of fire.

For situations where it is a necessity to close fire doors at night the units can be programmed to close at a predetermined time. This clever unit has an exclusive 5 year warranty from Safelincs and is also offered with free shipping.  They are available in black, red and white.

Dorgard now with FREE shipping

Safelincs now offer FREE shipping on all Dorgard orders. This is another way of Safelincs giving their customers the best service possible.

If you order one or more Dorgards all items in your order will be shipped free of charge. Dorgard is the legal way to keeping your fire door open without wedges or fire extinguishers propped against the fire door to get air circulation or to make it easier to pass between rooms.

For more information on the Dorgard, please see the Dorgard fire door retainer page on our website