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Overhead Door Closers

The Briton and Geze overhead door closers in our range are available with 5 or 10 year warranties

Certifire approved overhead door closers from industry leaders Briton, Dorma & GEZE. Power sizes EN 1-6 available.

From £25.00 inc VAT

Concealed Door Closers

Concealed door closers include units from Briton, Geze and Perko

Hidden from view, concealed fire door closers are unobtrusive & offer anti-ligature, ideal for a variety of specialist requirements.

From £81.83 inc VAT

Guide Rail Door Closers

Our range of door closers from Briton and Geze with guide rails (slide arms)

Door closers with guide rail arms (slide arms) stop doors being blown or forced open & control the closing & opening speed.

From £55.19 inc VAT

Free-Swing Door Closers

Our door closers with hold open feature offer a legal way to keep fire doors open, closing them upon activation of a smoke alarm

Fire door closers which allow free movement of door but will close fire door when fire alarm system is activated.

From £170.99 inc VAT

Floor Spring Door Closers

More info about Floor Spring Door Closers

Floor spring are concealed door closers that offer protection from vandalism as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

From £287.99 inc VAT

Product Videos

Fire Doors & Accessories Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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Fire Door Closers

Fire Door Closers

We offer a huge range of overhead fire door closers with ten year warranty. GEZE, the German fire door closer manufacturer produces some of the highest quality closers and Briton produces a range of quality as well as economy overhead closers. Our range of Perko concealed door closers and the Free Swing closers complete the range.
Free-Swing Door Closers

Free-Swing Door Closers

Free-swing door closers allow a fire door to open and close like any other door free of a door closer. The door can be left open in any position and does not resist the opening of the door. However, if a fire alarm goes off, the door will automatically close and protect the occupants of the building from fire and smoke. These free-swing door closers are very helpful in offices but an absolute must in care homes or anywhere were wheelchair access is required. Wireless versions such as the Freedor are available, minimising the installation effort.


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