Safelincs supports Memorial For Bomber Command

1511eThe International Bomber Command Centre, in partnership with Lincoln University, is creating a Memorial Spire which will be delivered to Bourne in Lincolnshire on the 10th of May, followed by a Memorial Wall with the names of 26,500 service men and women from 2 and 5 Group. In a second phase, the names of other Groups will be added.

An Interpretation Centre will then follow with an opening date in 2016, this will house the digital archive which the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust is creating, all the data is going to be in digital format so that the original documents can be preserved for ever. The trust is currently in the process of scanning the documents and photographs so they can be accessed from all over the World. The precious original documents will need to be stored in a protective environment, ensuring that they do not get damaged in the event of a fire. To help the efforts of the trust and to ensure these historical documents are safely stored, Safelincs has donated a Fire Ranger 1511E fireproof safe for free.

Fire at National Archives highlights need for document protection

Sentry-SFW123CSB-fire-and-waterproof-safe-1A recent fire at the National Archives in Kew, home to some of the UK’s most important historical documents, was tackled by 20 firefighters. The blaze was caused by two disused water towers at the site in Richmond, South-West London.

The National Archives is the official UK government archive and publisher and holds 11 million historical documents of national importance, some dating back more than 1,000 years. Among its collection are the Domesday Book, parchments, electronic records, photographs, posters, maps and paintings.

Fortunately everyone was evacuated from the building safely and no documents were damaged although the building was closed to the public for a short period for recovery.

This type of incident focuses people’s attention on the importance of preserving key documents and items of irreplaceable value, not just for large national institutions but also for businesses and individuals. For this reason more and more people are looking at ways to preserve such items in the event of a fire.

Safelincs has a range of solutions ranging that start with fireproof document boxes for under £30 and go right up to high capacity fire safes for storing computer media and files.

And, in the light of recent floods we are increasingly being asked for safes that will provide water protection as well. We have a range of fire and waterproof safes for paper documents and digital media that start at under £200. These fireproof safes with water protection have UL certification and have passed submersion testing to ensure their suitability.

Business Continuity: Protecting business data against floods and fire

USB ConnectionThe recent floods in the south and south west of England have made businesses from all over the country re-assess their plans for business continuity. Bosses are considering what the vital elements of the business are and what needs to be preserved at all costs. Top of the list is usually preserving the IT and computer systems. Many organisations backup their systems offsite but there is still a need to ensure any onsite digital media and key documents are secured safely.

At Safelincs we are experiencing more customers who are asking for safes that are not only fireproof but will also resist water. We can offer them a range of safes that offer protection against both. Documents, CDs, DVDs and other valuables can be secured with fireproof safes that have UL certification and have passed water submersion testing to ensure their suitability. One particular range of waterproof and fireproof safes can protect hard drives which are still connected to the computer system. This is achieved with a USB connection to the safe and allows a business to protect hard drives without having to move them daily from the computer system to a secure storage location.

Prices start at under £160 for a smaller safe whilst the top of the range fire and water resistant safe has a capacity of 221 litres.

Fireproof safes explained

What is the difference between fireproof safes for paper, digital media and data? How does the safe keep the temperatures inside low? These are just some of the question our customers ask. Our editor Sally Heavens has researched everything that is known about fireproof safes and compacted that knowledge into a buying guide.

New fire and waterproof safe section

Traditionally, Safelincs focused on the fire protection for valuables, paper and electronic data, offering a substantial range of fire safes to meet customers’ needs. Through discussions with our customers it emerged that there was a need for fire safes with additional water protection, protecting documents and electronic data carriers in case of floods or in fact from the water used for fire fighting in a blaze. The intumescent seals used in most fire safes, whilst performing fantastically in case of fire, do not help in case of flooding, as they require intense heat to fully seal off the safe.

We have therefore introduced a category of fire and waterproof safes to address this requirements. These safes, certified by ETL, can sit in water for over 24 hours and will remain sealed and dry inside.

We are always looking to improve our product range; should you have a requirement or idea for improved or new products, please let us know and we will try our best to make the changes or introduce new products to meet your needs.

Fireproof storage to keep your Items Secure

Protecting valuables and important documents from fire is an important part of disaster recover for most businesses and even households. At Safelincs, we provide a wide range of fireproof safes, boxes, filing cabinets and fireproof cupboards to suit various industrial, domestic and commercial applications.

To meet the requirements of the business or consumer in question, we offer bespoke solutions for your fireproof storage. Typical documents requiring fire protection include insurance policies, wills, cash, contracts and certificates. However, backup tapes, backup drives and CDs also need protecting to allow a quick business start after a fire has hit.

Our fireproof boxes and safes are available in various sizes and can offer fire and water protection from thirty to ninety minutes.

Fireproof boxes:

Fireproof boxes have a top opening lid, can usually be carried and offer little protection against theft. However, they offer a cost-efficient solution when you are trying to protect a small number of documents against water and fire.

Fireproof safes:

We offer front opening fire safes which offer not only fire protection but also a degree of theft protection. Fireproof safes are front-opening and come in various versions:

–  Fireproof safes for paper and valuable protection. These fire safes protect paper from charring

– Fireproof safes for digital media, which keep the temperature low enough to protect electronic data carriers , such as CDs, hard drives and USB sticks

– Fireproof safes for data tapes, which keep the temperature of the safe in a fire low enough to even protect fine data tape or photographic film, which is very temperature sensitive.

Fireproof filing cabinets:

Fireproof filing cabinets are installed where large amounts of documents must be protected against fire while keeping the files accessible.

Our ‘refine your search’ tool will help you identify the right fire safe for you out of the huge and sometimes confusing selection of fire safes.

If you have still questions, please ring us and our friendly customer care team will help you choose the right safe.