NEW DraughtEx – The Floorboard Seal on a Reel

DraughtEx floorboard gap filler with the free applicator tool
DraughtEx floorboard gap filler and applicator

Fills Gaps in Floorboards to Save Energy and Money

A solution to the annoying gaps between floorboards is finally here! DraughtEx floorboard gap filler not only improves the look of wooden floorboards, but it also helps to make your house more energy efficient. By applying DraughtEx you seal the gaps that previously allowed cold air to enter rooms between the floorboards. The colour of DraughtEx has been designed to match that of floorboard shadows, creating a natural look with all the benefits of sealed gaps.

We all know that wooden floors change shape and size over time, as wood expands and contracts. Unlike most solutions to filling floorboard gaps, DraughtEx is capable of changing shape with the floorboards, maintaining draught exclusion and appearance.

To find out more about this innovative new product visit or call freephone 0800 433 4282.

DraughtEx is part of the Energy Project, which belongs to the Safelincs group of companies.