Fill Gaps in Floorboards with DraughtEx

How to fill gaps in floorboards

Fill gaps in floorboards with ‘DraughtEx’; a flexible solution, which expands and compresses with the wood throughout the year.

Gaps in floorboards can be unsightly, while causing draughts and low energy efficiency. Gaps appear due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, meaning that they change with the seasons, and therefore have traditionally been difficult to resolve.

DraughtEx is easy to fit and mess free

What is DraughtEx?

DraughtEx, the ‘seal on a reel’, is an easy-to-install floorboard gap filler, suitable for different size floor gaps. This product looks like a cable, and is easy to install, requiring no adhesive, and leaving no mess.

Once fitted, DraughtEx has a natural ‘shadow’ like appearance, and unlike other solutions, is able to remain in place due to its flexible material. It comes in three widths (thin, standard, and thick) to fit gaps of different sizes. Unsure which size to order? Sample packs, containing 1 meter of each size and an applicator, are available for testing purposes.

(Left) DraughEx being fitted. (Right) Draughtex partially fitted.
DraughtEx is a cable like, flexible material which fits easily into gaps

Gaps in floorboards causing draughts

Gaps in floorboards can cause draughts, and reduce the energy efficiency of your home. With energy bills high, sealing floorboard gaps with DraughtEx is an economical and environmentally friendly investment. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that insulating the floorboards on the just ground floor of a gas-heated home could save up to as £85 per year, meaning that DraughtEx quickly pays for itself.

For more information about energy savings with DraughtEx, visit our blog.

DraughtEx Review

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Fill gaps in floor boards with DraughtEx to stay warm in your home. Unsure how much you need to order? Use our online tool to calculate your order today, or call our friendly customer service team on 0800 433 4282.