Where were the alarms?

A customer of ours had recently moved house. The house had no existing smoke alarms installed, prompting the customer to order a series of interlinking smoke alarms to protect himself and his family. The alarms arrived and our customer decided to put the installation of the alarms off for a few days. After all, fires happen to other people, don’t they?

Over the Easter weekend he had family over and a box containing paper and other objects got placed on top of the electric hob. The hob was accidently turned on and the box smoldered and then ignited. The family were oblivious to the mounting smoke that was filling the kitchen and dining room as the box began to burn. It was only pure chance and luck that the fire was discovered before it began to spread.

This was a small fire but the smell from the smoke penetrated the walls and furniture and is still noticeable weeks after the event. Had our customer installed his smoke alarms when they arrived he would have been alerted to the smoke before it had filled two rooms.

This was a lucky escape; if you have not got working alarms installed in your house you may not be as lucky as he was. Please don’t leave it to chance, a fire can start in any of our homes at any time.

Safelincs reminder service a success

Bafe Certified On November the 7th 2009 Safelincs launched their new smoke alarm reminder service to alert customers when they needed to check their alarms. In only two months this service has had a huge response, with nearly 600 e-mail or SMS reminders in the system already.

This service is offered in partnership with the government’s FireKills campaign to promote fire safety in the home and focuses on householders testing their alarms on a regular basis.

To register with this free service, just visit www.safelincs.co.uk/reminders

Fire safety checks from local fire brigades could lead to free smoke alarms

Fire Brigades across the UK are offering free home fire safety checks. All you have to do to arrange a home fire safety check is call your local fire station and request a visit.

During the visit the fire officer will talk with you about fire safety issues and how to reduce the risk of a fire. They will develop an escape plan with you and check your existing smoke alarms to ensure they are the correct type and that they are in working order. In some cases the fire brigade may fit some alarms in properties that do not have any, free of charge.

Once you have had the fire safety check it is important that you continue to check that your alarms are in good working order by pressing the test button on a weekly or monthly basis. Safelincs can help you do this by offering you a free reminder service. To use this service just register on the Safelincs reminders page.