Quality Manager to Drive Supplier Performance

Safelincs’ quality can only be as good as the quality of its suppliers. That wisdom has long been understood at Safelincs. For years we have carried out regular supplier audits at our fire extinguisher manufacturing plant, the manufacturers of our emergency lighting ranges and at all our key fire safety product suppliers. These audits were up to now carried out by our MD, Product Manager and Warehousing Manager.

We have now formalised the responsibility for supplier audits, supplier quality and goods inwards control to a Quality Manager who will co-ordinate all the quality activities. Our focus on quality and continuous improvement will allow us to offer longer warranties, such as the ten year warranty for fire extinguishers, a five year warranty on the new Dorgard and lifelong warranty for a range of fire escape ladders.

At Safelincs Improvement Never Ends

Safelincs have always been highly committed to the quality management of its products and services.  To demonstrate this commitment, Safelincs are gaining ISO 9000 certification.  

“We have sailed through the first audit with accreditation body BSI with flying colours, receiving not a single ‘non conformity” says MD, Harry Dewick-Eisele.   The final audit for full ISO 9000 certification takes place in April.  “I am thrilled with the improvements made so far.  Implementing ISO is giving Safelincs a competitive edge and increasing customer satisfaction and retention, as well as increasing employee motivation and awareness”.