Containing The Risk

There are many regulations regarding the storage of harmful substances, personal protective equipment and first-aid equipment. These regulations are put into place to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace and require the employer to carry out mandatory risk assessments to identify and store hazardous substances correctly.

Using chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can put people’s health at risk. COSHH cabinets are designed to store any substance that carry warning labels such as “Toxic”, “Irritant” or “Harmful”. They have removable sump trays in the base to catch any spillages and prevent leakage.  These robust cabinets must meet the strict requirments of the COSHH regulations 2002.

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 place a duty on employers to provide adequate first-aid equipment, facilities and personnel to their employees. First-aid cabinets are designed to meet the storage requirements of these regulations and keep all first-aid equipment in a central, identifiable, location where they are easily accessed in case of emergency.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) cabinets are ideal for storing any protective equipment in an easily identifiable are. PPE includes equipment such as safety footwear, hard hats, high visibility waistcoats, goggles, life jackets, respirators and safety harnesses. These cabinets must comply with The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1994.

To aid employers with the storage of these substances, protective equipment and first-aid equipment, and to help ensure the safety of employees,  Safelincs has added three fantastic lines to its Hazardous Storage Cabinets range.