Protect Your Property and Life with Anti-Arson Letterboxes

Have you considered the impact of an arson attack on your property and the risk to lives it entails? Many arson attacks are carried out through the letter opening of an entrance door. Flammable liquids or objects are poured or thrown through the opening, setting the entrance area alight. This is particularly dangerous, as this blocks the main route of escape from the building. Within seconds a petrol fire will fill the entrance area with smoke and flames blocking egress and even blocking access for the emergency services.

Fireproof anti-arson letterboxes offer the solution. They enclose the letter slot and catch all the post but also any burning objects or liquids thrown through the letter opening. Some are also equipped with automatic fire extinguishers which suffocate any flames.

All our metal anti-arson mailboxes are lockable and all our mailboxes and mailbags come with a five-year warranty; so you can rest assured that they will last for many years to come.

The letterboxes are easy to install and offer essential protection for homes, businesses, educational establishments, religious buildings and many more organisations. All of our fireproof letterboxes have been tested by Warrington Fire Research; so you can relax in the knowledge that they will protect you when you need them to.