The New Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door Retainer

Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door RetainerSafelincs are pleased to announce the addition of the new Dorgard SmartSound from Fireco to our product range. Building on the success of the game-changing original Dorgard fire door retainer, the new Dorgard SmartSound offers all the benefits of the original, plus some new premium features.

The main upgrade included in the Dorgard SmartSound is the SmartSound system, which allows this version to differentiate between the sound of your fire alarm and other background noises. This makes the Dorgard SmartSound particularly suitable for premises with high levels of background noise, such as schools and nurseries.

However, this isn’t the only innovation to be found, the new generation also boasts a three year battery lifespan. This minimises maintenance of this important fire safety device, used to hold open fire doors legally. The plunger system has also been upgraded to include ‘anti-drag’ technology. This helps protect your floor from wear by automatically retracting the plunger if the door is pulled closed without your Dorgard having been released.

The original Dorgard is, of course, still available, however, if you are looking for a fire door retainer solution in a noisy environment, then the Dorgard SmartSound is the product for you.

Visit our pages if you’d like more details or to order your new Dorgard SmartSound, or alternatively contact one of our trained advisors on 0800 612 6537 or via

Harry Dewick-Eisele

Managing Director

MD and founder of Safelincs. Harry has a wealth of in-depth knowledge of all aspects of fire safety and related legislation.

Finally! A 10 Year CO Alarm!

The first CO alarms that we sold only had a 5 year sensor life, quiet short in comparison to smoke alarms, which have a 10 year lifespan. Then in 2008, when we started to supply Kirklees Council with well over 100,000 CO alarms, we worked with Kidde, the manufacturer, to achieve a 7 year life span for the CO alarms we supplied. This was a large step forward and achieved significant savings for our customers.

Despite the 7 year lifespan of the CO alarm there was still the issue that batteries in the units had to be changed every year or so, as CO alarms are quite energy hungry.

Now at long last there is a CO alarm that goes much further than this.

We are introducing the brand new Kidde CO alarm 8LLCO with a guaranteed 10 year sensor life and battery life! This is an extra 40% lifespan and a tremendous saving for customers, never having to replace batteries again. The alarm is perfect for landlords, housing associations, Councils and of course anybody who wants to protect their household without having to think about their CO alarms for 10 years. Please note, though, that CO alarms should still be tested regularly.

Safelincs are the first official retailer to introduce this product in the UK before the roll-out in 2013. If you wish to order or have any questions, please ring 0800 612 6537.