Common causes of domestic fires

Electrical appliances and kitchen related items are often the main source for domestic fires in the UK.

Electrical fires
Electricity is used to power just about everything in today’s modern home. However, plugging your television, games console and mobile phones into one socket is simply asking for trouble.  Overloading the socket will cause the cables to overheat which will damage the insulation over time. The best way to avoid electrical fires is by not overloading plug sockets and keeping the use of extension packs to an absolute minimum.

Kitchen fires
Kitchen fires are without doubt the most common cause of domestic fires. With electricity, fats, gas, wood and a number of chemicals to be found in your kitchen, you need to make sure you take every precaution possible to minimise the chances of a fire occurring. Never overheat or overfill chip pans (having a deep fat fryer with a thermostat is even better). Furthermore, avoid storing oily or chemical stained rags under the sink; instead wash them thoroughly or keep them outside. Along with heat alarms, fire blankets and ABF fire extinguishers are an essential purchase for any kitchen as they can enable you to quickly deal with any small fires that might flare up on hobs and grill pans.

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