Batteries in smoke alarm could have saved lives of father and daughter

A 33 year old man and his six year old daughter died due to a chip pan fire in a house that had a smoke alarm fitted but had no batteries in it.

In April this year the bodies of Mr Andrew Lineton and Kay-Leigh, his six year old daughter, were discovered in their home in Telford.  An inquest in to their deaths concluded that an unattended chip pan had caught fire in the kitchen. The smoke alarm that was fitted did not have any batteries in it and therefore no warning of the fire was given.

The chip pan fire burnt itself out and the deaths were caused due to carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide causes drowsiness and leads to unconsciousness Mr Lineton and his daughter were unaware of the fire and unable to evacuate the house.

These tragic deaths could have been prevented. Ensure that you have a working smoke alarm fitted and that you test it regularly. Never remove batteries from an alarm, even if it is sending out an annoying chirp to alert you of the need to replace batteries. Only remove the batteries when you have fresh ones to replace them with.

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Smoke alarm saves lives of family of four

There are still homes that do not have a working smoke alarm fitted and many people believe that they would wake up without one in the event of a fire. Mr Evans and his family from Anglesey are lucky to be alive and they feel that it was the smoke alarm they had fitted that saved them from their house fire during Monday night.

A fire that started due to an electrical fault in their Land Rover quickly spread to their home as flames were blown into the kitchen.  As soon as the alarm went off Mr Evans, his wife and two children aged 12 and 14 years evacuated the house. The house had already started to fill with smoke and Mr Evans said that after just one breath of the smoke he felt vey light headed.

Mr Evans told reporters, “The alarms saved our lives, they gave us the two minutes we needed to get out, otherwise the smoke would have got us before we even knew about the fire”.

The fire spread far so that the North Wales Fire and Rescue service were still tackling the fire, with four fire crews, three hours after it had been discovered.

Do not leave escaping from a house fire down to luck, ensure that you have the vital few minutes to escape a fire by fitting a smoke alarm and checking that your smoke alarms are working correctly.

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House fire claims six lives, could faulty fridge be to blame?

Mrs Kua and five of her six children died in a tragic house fire this weekend in Neasden, North-West London. Mr Kua and one of his daughters, Nur aged 16, survived the blaze. Nur was said to still be in a critical condition in a West London hospital.

It is believed that this tragic incident was the result of a fault in a fridge freezer. Beko announced a recall on 500,000 of their fridge freezers which are suspected to be faulty. Beko announced the recall earlier this year and urged people with affected models to contact them. The models at risk were produced between January 2000 and December 2006. For more information go to or alternatively e-mail your contact details to

In July this year a fire thought at first to be caused by lightening is now thought to have started due to a faulty Beko appliance. Fire chiefs warned that lives were at risk due this fault and there could have been 20 fires in London alone caused by the faulty Beko fridge freezer since 2008.

Man in Ingham County, Michigan saves life of daughter with escape ladder

Mark Kennel has very little left from his home after a house fire except his charred wedding album after he, his wife, Amber and daughter, Kelsey managed to escape the flames with the help of a fire escape ladder.

A fire broke out at their home in Ingham County. Mr Kennel stated that it was not the heat or flames that caused problems during the incident but in actual fact it was the smoke that was their biggest problem. ‘Smoke is ungodly, I’ve never experienced anything like that, flames are one thing, it wasn’t hot, but you just can’t breathe.’ said Mr Kennel.

Luckily for the Kennel family they had been given a fire escape ladder as a Christmas present by their mother and father in law a few years ago. Mr Kennel used the ladder to evacuate the daughter out of the building. Mrs Kennel, who is five months pregnant was having difficulty getting out of the blazing house. Mr Kennel was then able to rescue her once he had climbed down the fire escape ladder by using a forklift truck.

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Tragic death of three children in house fire

Fire crews were called to a house fire on Thursday at 11.58pm in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. Three children died in the fire and a woman of 27 years old was rescued but is in a critical condition in hospital in Scarborough.

It is too early to determine how the fire started but it is thought to have started in the house.

Our condolences go to the family involved.

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Lucky Escape for Family in House Fire

A family living in Hill Lane, Blackrod had a lucky escape from a fire at their home thanks to an early dog walker on Saturday, 19 June 2010.

The fire is said to have started in a metal outhouse attached to the house. The flames had already spread to cause damage to the rear door and had caused the upstairs bedroom window to crack, where the couples four year old daughter was asleep.

The house was not fitted with any working smoke alarms and had it not been for the passerby alerting the family to the danger, the outcome could have been devastating.

Do not leave your fire safety to the chance of a passing dog walker, install smoke alarms and ask for advice from your fire brigade.  Many local fire brigades offer free safety checks and may be able to offer a free smoke alarm.

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Man Saved From Home Fire by Neighbour

A 49 year old man, Mr Kennedy,  was rescued from a fire at his home by his neighbour. The fire started as a result of Mr Kennedy starting to cook his dinner but falling asleep whilst the meal was cooking.

The fire had already spread so much that the neighbour, Mr Hudson, was unable to enter the premises. Mr Hudson raised the alarm with the fire brigade and shouted up to the window for Mr Kennedy to wake up.

As a result of the neighbour’s actions Mr Hudson was able to escape the fire, but unfortunately his pet dog died in the blaze.

The blaze could have been prevented had Mr Hudson not left the cooker unattended or if a stove alarm would have been fitted.

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Where were the alarms?

A customer of ours had recently moved house. The house had no existing smoke alarms installed, prompting the customer to order a series of interlinking smoke alarms to protect himself and his family. The alarms arrived and our customer decided to put the installation of the alarms off for a few days. After all, fires happen to other people, don’t they?

Over the Easter weekend he had family over and a box containing paper and other objects got placed on top of the electric hob. The hob was accidently turned on and the box smoldered and then ignited. The family were oblivious to the mounting smoke that was filling the kitchen and dining room as the box began to burn. It was only pure chance and luck that the fire was discovered before it began to spread.

This was a small fire but the smell from the smoke penetrated the walls and furniture and is still noticeable weeks after the event. Had our customer installed his smoke alarms when they arrived he would have been alerted to the smoke before it had filled two rooms.

This was a lucky escape; if you have not got working alarms installed in your house you may not be as lucky as he was. Please don’t leave it to chance, a fire can start in any of our homes at any time.

Fire Victim disconnected battery from smoke alarm

A man from Corby in Northampton died after being engulfed in flames. The pensioner was overwhelmed by flames after falling asleep in his lounge with a lit cigarette.

The man had returned home after a late night drinking session in August 2008 and fallen to sleep holding a cigarette. This began smouldering and set fire to his trousers, his girlfriend desperately tried to douse the flames as he screamed for help.

After the inquest in June, it was discovered that he had previously taken the batteries out of his smoke alarm after it kept going off. This is a tragic occurrence that could have been avoided. It is important that you have a working smoke alarm and that it is checked on a regular basis.

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