Gloria fire extinguisher prevents truck burning down

We know that our Gloria fire extinguishers are exceptionally well-built and have superb fire fighting capability. It is still nice when a customer takes the time to describe how they used the extinguisher to good effect. Today we received the following story from Barry in Louth, Lincolnshire about a truck fire he extinguished with his Gloria home extinguisher.

Barry, 64, never thought he would ever need to use his Gloria 2ltr AFFFextinguisher that he kept in his kitchen to extinguish a fire. Last Thursday Barry’s quick thinking ensured that a lorry making a delivery to his next door neighbour’s house did not end going up in smoke

The lorry had got stuck on soft ground and after attempting to reverse out without success the driver called on Barry and his son to assist him. As they walked back to the lorry they could see smoke from the rear wheels. Suddenly the offside tyre started to burn. Barry said ‘I ran and got our extinguisher and by the time I had returned (64, not as fit as I used to be) the flames had a good hold on the inner edge of the tyre, rubber scrapings from it on the track and the plastic rear mudguard. The extinguisher put out all of the flames on both rubber and plastic immediately.’ They then doused the wheel with water to ensure that it had cooled and did not reignite.

The Gloria home fire extinguisher is very easy to use, ‘I rate the extinguisher 10/10 for ease of use, accuracy and effectiveness. Without the throw of the extinguisher we could not have reached under the truck to get to the flames on the inner wheel edge, even if we had had water immediately available. I am certain that without the extinguisher the vehicle would have burnt out as the water supply took some time to arrange and the driver did not have any fire fighting equipment at all’ said Barry.

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Ultrafire fire extinguishers added to Safelincs website

We have introduced a third range of fire extinguishers to our website. Ultrafire fire extinguishers – a range of extinguishers with 5 year warranty used extensively by the extinguisher servicing trade and installed in all industries and sectors in the UK. These fire extinguishers are now available on for the three main types of fire extinguishers:

foam fire extinguishers
powder fire extinguishers
water fire extinguishers

In addition to these extinguishers we also offer the following premium ranges:
Gloria fire extinguishers, designed in Germany and build strongly and to a reliable standard
Safelincs fire extinguishers with 10 Year Warranty and manufactured in the UK

All of these extinguishers are suitable for professional installation in a business environment or residential self-installation.