Man in Ingham County, Michigan saves life of daughter with escape ladder

Mark Kennel has very little left from his home after a house fire except his charred wedding album after he, his wife, Amber and daughter, Kelsey managed to escape the flames with the help of a fire escape ladder.

A fire broke out at their home in Ingham County. Mr Kennel stated that it was not the heat or flames that caused problems during the incident but in actual fact it was the smoke that was their biggest problem. ‘Smoke is ungodly, I’ve never experienced anything like that, flames are one thing, it wasn’t hot, but you just can’t breathe.’ said Mr Kennel.

Luckily for the Kennel family they had been given a fire escape ladder as a Christmas present by their mother and father in law a few years ago. Mr Kennel used the ladder to evacuate the daughter out of the building. Mrs Kennel, who is five months pregnant was having difficulty getting out of the blazing house. Mr Kennel was then able to rescue her once he had climbed down the fire escape ladder by using a forklift truck.

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Stay safe this Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year begins on February 3, 2011 and this year it is the year of the rabbit. For many Chinese this is a time to celebrate the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. With it comes the opportunity to meet and gather with family members for meals and to forget any past problems that they may have had with each other.

The Chinese traditionally wear red, the colour that symbolises fire, and have firework displays. The fireworks and red garments are believed to ward off evil. Candles may also be lit at this special time and the highlight of the celebration is the lantern parade on the fifteenth day. There is also a Dragon dance that usually takes place at the weekend. This is a spectacular display of dragons dancing through the streets accompanied by firecrackers.

When candles and fireworks are being used as well as lanterns with traditional candles with naked flames there is an element of fire risk. Ensure that you have adequate fire safety equipment and a burns kit at hand for any eventuality.

Safelincs would like to take this opportunity to wish all celebrating the Chinese New Year good health and happiness in the year of the rabbit.

National Fire Campaign to Promote Fire Safety in North Lincolnshire Schools

October 4 to October 8 2010 is National Schools Fire Safety Week. This campaign is aimed at raising fire safety awareness and to help educate children on fire safety issues.

The annual event is organised by The Fire Fighters Charity and Fire Kills campaign. This year’s topic is called Matches and Lighters – Tools Not Toys. The brigades of North Lincolnshire will be visiting schools to deliver talks on fire safety awareness and the dangers of using matches and lighters. The campaign is also aimed at providing useful tips for parents.

The campaign has a website that can be accessed where children can play interactive games and adults can gain tips and learn activities that can help to educate their children to be safe around matches and lighters.

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Safelincs Registers New Escape Ladder

Safelincs has been granted design rights by the UK Patent Office for a new, ground-breaking design of fire escape ladder located in the wall and cavity of new-built homes. This fire escape ladder is totally hidden from sight, is accessible within seconds and can be deployed easily, even by children. The ladder should be available by the end of the 4th quarter 2008