Fire safety in schools

school-fire-safetyWe have created a helpful guide for school leaders and staff with fire safety responsibility in schools to condense the confusing legislation and recommendations that exist and have turned them into an easy to understand fire safety guide for schools. The article, created by a very experienced fire risk assessor with many years of experience in inspecting schools, addresses:

  • Current situation with regards to arson in schools
  • General fire precautions in schools
  • New school buildings and fire safety
  • What to do should your school experience a fire
  • Examples of typical fire safety violations in schools

Being the fire safety provider of choice both for the Church of England and the Catholic Church, one of Safelincs’ key roles is to supply fire safety goods and services to the thousands of faith schools, amongst others, in the UK. Providing guidance and support is just part of this. We offer schools many opportunities to save costs and to improve fire safety provision at the same time. To benefit from this support offer, contact or ring 0800 612 6537. We are happy to help.

We also offer fire risk assessments for schools at very good rates. In addition we provide free fire risk assessment forms as well as free online fire safety logbooks with automatic reminders, suitable for organisations with multiple sites and numerous responsible staff members.

If you would like to talk to us about the fire safety needs within your school call 0800 612 6537.

New initiative to encourage installation of smoke alarms

More and more homes now have smoke alarms installed and they save many lives each year. To further increase their use, Safelincs has produced an advisory card to go out with residential orders for smoke alarms that encourages customers to check that family members, and other people they know, have adequate smoke alarm systems in place.

Under the heading ‘Are your friends and family protected’ these cards give a web address where they can access their local Fire and Rescue Service for free advice. The card also provides few important fire safety statistics.

For commercial customers we created an A4 poster with similar messages that can be displayed on notice boards for employees.

This material was developed in association with Fire Kills, the UK’s Government-sponsored fire safety campaign, of which Safelincs is a partner. Free copies of the poster and card are being made available free of charge to Fire and Rescue Services and similar organisations.

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