Fire Escape Ladder Guide

saffold-fold-out-fire-escape-ladderOne of the first fire safety product ranges Safelincs introduced back in 2001 were fire escape ladders. Originally, these were aimed at domestic homes and families. By now, our range of fire escape systems and fire escape ladders has swelled and we have introduced several fire escape ladders that are suitable for businesses as well as home users. Notably the Saffold fire escape fold-out ladder is an escape system frequently used in business or public sector environments. When folded away the Saffold looks as inconspicuous as a drain pipe and has been installed on listed buildings. To help our customers to find the right escape ladder for their application, we have created a help guide. It should assist you with the large selection of products and help you to understand the options that are available.

Should you have any questions with regards to fire escape ladders, please ring us on 0800 612 6537 or email us at You can also send images and dimensions for us to check out.