New smoke alarm leaflet to explain maintenance of mains powered fire alarms

The government’s Fire Kills campaign has been looking at ways to spread knowledge and facts about how to test and maintain mains powered smoke alarms,  ensuring that individuals and families protect themselves at all times. A leaflet has now been developed containing vital information on testing alarms and their replacement.

The guide, entitled ‘Are your smoke alarms in good working order?’, has been sponsored by ourselves. We have worked closely with the team at Fire Kills to ensure that the general public have the best information possible with regards to smoke alarms.

The leaflet also shows ways of reducing the cost of replacing mains powered alarms after their 10 year lifespan. The easichange replacement alarm range enables the general public to change their mains powered smoke alarms in their home without the costly outlay for an electrician. The easichange kit has been designed for DIY installation and comes complete with tools and instructions for easy installation.