Fantastic Service, Despite COVID-19

It has been heartwarming to receive so many comments from our customers telling us that we are delivering a fantastic service despite all the restrictions that COVID-19 places on us.

We have put a lot of new processes in place to ensure that we are meeting all the guidelines and protecting our staff. Despite the vast majority of our 60 strong team now working from home we have maintained the exceptional service that makes Safelincs an award-winning company.

Here is what our customers say:

Whilst the difficulties that Covid-19 present are challenging we will continue to supply essential safety products and services to organisations and domestic customers to support and protect people.

Contact us today on 0800 612 6537 with your fire safety needs.

Angie Dewick-Eisele

HR & Marketing Manager

Angie has been our marketing manager since joining in 2002. She also has a keen interest in H&S issues.

Customer Service Week

This week is the UK’s Customer Service Week and what better time could there be to announce our best customer care results ever. We ask you, our customers, what you think of us and our service through a questionnaire sent to you after your fire safety order is delivered. This feedback is invaluable to us. We use your comments to tailor our services and products to meet your requirements even better. This process is facilitated by daily feedback sessions and a weekly customer survey meeting, in which the different departments at Safelincs sit together to run through the week’s feedback.

In September 83.2% of our customers that filled in our customer survey stated that they agreed ‘strongly’ with our question if they were satisfied with our service! We feel that this is a reflection of our service to our customers and that we go that extra mile to provide the best solutions for your needs.

Another record was broken in September with our shipping performance. We have seen our lowest total cumulative warehouse errors at 0.2%. This is an outstanding result and beats the industry standard by far!

Safelincs take their business to the next level

As a leading online fire safety provider, Safelincs have reached the next level in professionalism, efficiency and quality by achieving ISO 9001, the world’s most established quality standard.

After initial assessment, the targeted time for reaching the objectives was six months, the Safelincs team, lead by Harry Dewick-Eisele, the Managing Director, started working rapidly towards implementing ISO 9001 requirements in the organisation.

Harry Dewick-Eisele, said, “Working towards, and achieving ISO certification has provided Safelincs with the framework and structure to help improve all areas of our business; from internal communication, improving customer services and adopting best service across the whole organisation. Everybody worked very hard in such a small period of time, and I am very proud of our achievement”.