Fantastic Service, Despite COVID-19

It has been heartwarming to receive so many comments from our customers telling us that we are delivering a fantastic service despite all the restrictions that COVID-19 places on us.

We have put a lot of new processes in place to ensure that we are meeting all the guidelines and protecting our staff. Despite the vast majority of our 60 strong team now working from home we have maintained the exceptional service that makes Safelincs an award-winning company.

Here is what our customers say:

Whilst the difficulties that Covid-19 present are challenging we will continue to supply essential safety products and services to organisations and domestic customers to support and protect people.

Contact us today on 0800 612 6537 with your fire safety needs.

Angie Dewick-Eisele

HR & Marketing Manager

Angie has been our marketing manager since joining in 2002. She also has a keen interest in H&S issues.

Safelincs is taking customer comments seriously

Safelincs value every comment made by our customers and actively seek their views through the questionnaire that is sent out after each purchase.

The results of the questionnaires are reviewed on a daily basis by one of our customer care team. They contact the customer and update them of any action that may be taken as a result of their comments. Improvement suggestions are then discussed at a weekly customer care meeting.

A suggestion made by a customer led our warehouse to look into the packing method of one particular type of smoke alarm. These smoke alarms had so far been protected in transit with padded envelopes. We decided that to avoid the outer packaging of the smoke alarm potentially arriving a little crumpled, the best way was to invest in bespoke secondary boxes to transport these smoke detectors safely to our customers.

The result has been very encouraging. No further comments have been received since the introduction of this measure.The new packaging can also be fully recycled.

Please let us have any comments you might have about the shopping process, our fire safety products and our delivery so that we can improve our service to you.

Which smoke alarm should you choose?

Once you have reached the decision to protect your home and it’s occupants from fire by purchasing smoke alarms the dilemma begins. Which alarm should you buy and where should you install it?

To help you overcome this dilemma we have produced a series of guides that will help to explain the different types of alarm and the most suitable place to install them. The guides have pictorial clarification as well as written and also an informative installation overview. We also have a guide for specific positioning information, such as how close alarms can be to the wall.

The development of these guides is the result of a customer comment on our customer questionnaire. We take all our customers and their comments seriously and strive to improve our services. We respond to our customer comments and let them know how we are going to improve our services as a result of their feedback.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at