Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! campaign 2011 launch

Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! is the national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and to encourage people to install an audible carbon monoxide alarm in their homes. Funding is received through Britain’s six major gas and electricity companies and is also supported by a range of organisations and charities, including Safelincs Ltd.

This year has seen distressing reports in the media of several campers tragically dying from carbon monoxide poisoning in their tents. These unnecessary deaths highlight that many people are still not aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide or how carbon monoxide poisoning can occur. It is hoped that through the Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! campaign that these issues will be addressed and the number of deaths due to this poisonous gas will be reduced.  Shockingly, one in ten people do not even know that there are alarms available to detect carbon monoxide.

If you have any appliance in your home that uses a combustible fuel, such as a gas boiler, cooker or a wood burner, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you do not have an alarm you will have no way of knowing if carbon monoxide is being leaked into your home. This gas has no colour,  odour or taste and the common symptoms experienced are very similar to a cold or flue (headaches, tiredness, dizziness and nausea) and therefore go undiagnosed. If there is a high level of carbon monoxide present you may be rendered unconscious in minutes.

In support of the Be Alarmed! campaign we are offering a Kidde carbon monoxide alarm at a reduced price of £14.99 inc VAT. This alarm has a 5  year warranty, test button and is battery operated.

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Child Safety Week

Bafe Certified Today is the beginning of the national Carbon Monoxide campaign “Zero Deaths”. The project is designed to raise awareness of the dangers from this poisonous gas and the threat it poses to householders. In the UK over the last 2 years, over 800 people have been recorded as being affected by carbon monoxide leaks and 130 of those have lost their lives. Many people do not recognise or report their poisoning, so there are many more people affected by the gas than the above figure suggests.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that is produced when burning fuel. The most common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning is fuel-burning appliances that are not fitted correctly, leaking the gas when natural fuels such as gas, coal, wood etc. do not completely combust. This is not only dangerous to you but also to your neighbours. Carbon monoxide is capable of leaking through walls and ceilings and can penetrate into other flats or attached homes.

The main signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are light-headedness, headaches, vertigo and flu-like symptoms. If you experience these symptoms, you would be best advised to evacuate the house and contact your gas services.

A few simple ways to protect yourself and your family: