Win one year free extinguisher servicing within M25

Safelincs is giving away the chance for ten customers to win their annual extinguisher maintenance completely free of charge for one year. All costs for the year are included, such as site survey, servicing and extended service; even spares, replacement extinguishers and refills are free and there is no requirement whatsoever to continue with the Safelincs extinguisher servicing after the year.

To win the free service year you need to send us a photo of your premises and of one of your extinguishers and tell us how much your servicing did cost you last time. By applying you are giving us permission to report about the ten winners of the competition in another blog.


  1. Your premises are based within the M25 orbital
  2. Your premises can be accessed in office hours
  3. Your fire extinguishers were installed professionally in your premises and have extinguisher service labels on them (They are allowed to be out of date)
  4. The extinguishers belong to you

We will draw the winners on the 12th of March 2014 and will notify them. One of our engineers will then carry out a site survey, carry out all extinguisher servicing including any extended surveys and free replacements and issue you with a new certificate. Any work that is required during the year is also covered by us.

Please send your application to

Extinguisher servicing, how we differ from the rest

The extinguisher servicing industry is renowned for  working with bonus packages for engineers.  Engineers usually receive a very small basic salary and have to top this up with sales out in the field. This means that customers are sold extinguishers and accessories that exceed their requirements, bumping up the costs for them in the process. Couple this with hidden charges for parts that need replacing and you soon find that your servicing bill was a lot more than you believed it would be.

At Safelincs we believe in honesty. We pay our engineers a proper and decent wage, with no need for them to increase their wage package by means of selling goods to customers on site. In fact, it is our policy for this very reason to never pay a bonus to any of our staff. This means that the advice our engineers give is genuine, you will only be advised to replace or add equipment when it is really necessary. We are the only extinguisher service company working in this way. Along side this we have clear servicing price lists and all basic spare parts are included in our servicing prices, so you won’t find any hidden extras.

If you would like advice on your extinguisher servicing or to book your extinguisher servicing, please call 0800 612 4827 or visit