Kidde releases the UK’s first combined optical smoke and carbon monoxide detector – The Kidde 10DS.

kidde-10sco-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-detectorKidde Safety, one of the leading manufacturers of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, has recently released the UK’s first combined optical smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. The new alarm, which is powered by a single 9V battery instead of the usual 3 x AA cells, carries a 10 year warranty and features an ‘end-of-life’ warning to alert the user that the alarm has reached the end of its operating life.
Kidde have included several simple but clever features with the 10DS, such as a front mounted battery compartment which allows the battery to be replaced without removing the alarm and dual voice warnings of either ‘FIRE! FIRE!’ or ‘WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE’ depending on the danger detected.
The Kidde 10DS is also the first combined unit to be kitemarked for both the optical sensor and carbon monoxide sensor separately. Add in the test/reset/hush feature and the peak level memory function and you end up with a great all round alarm suitable for use in homes, holiday chalets, caravans and even boats, saving space and potentially lives.

Ultrafire fire extinguishers added to Safelincs website

We have introduced a third range of fire extinguishers to our website. Ultrafire fire extinguishers – a range of extinguishers with 5 year warranty used extensively by the extinguisher servicing trade and installed in all industries and sectors in the UK. These fire extinguishers are now available on for the three main types of fire extinguishers:

foam fire extinguishers
powder fire extinguishers
water fire extinguishers

In addition to these extinguishers we also offer the following premium ranges:
Gloria fire extinguishers, designed in Germany and build strongly and to a reliable standard
Safelincs fire extinguishers with 10 Year Warranty and manufactured in the UK

All of these extinguishers are suitable for professional installation in a business environment or residential self-installation.

Safelincs launch their own 10 year warranty fire extinguishers

On Thursday 27th August Safelincs launched their very own range of superior fire extinguishers.These extinguishers are great value for money, coming with a 10 year warranty (double that of most other extinguishers).


What separates these extinguishers from the competition?

Well, firstly it is the unique manufacturing process known as “semi-shell construction“, leaving only one visible joining weld on the fire extinguisher as opposed to the usual three. This reduces the risk of corrosion as there are less weld joints, which enables us to offer the fantastic 10 year warranty.


Fire Extinguishers
Each Safelincs fire extinguisher has a strong durable handle and robust steel pin which reduces accidental damage and damage during transportation, this provides peace of mind about the effectiveness of the extinguisher. The Safelincs models are also manufactured with a universal valve design which means that any engineer can service the extinguishers with standard tools.


Our range of Safelincs fire extinguishers include co2, water, foam, wet chemical and powder models and come in various sizes to suit all business and domestic environments.

For more information on the Safelincs range of fire extinguishers, please visit the Fire Extinguisher Section on our website.