Dorgard Fire Door Retainers

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Dorgard Fire Door Retainers are quick and easy to install, Dorgard performs well in office type environments.

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Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door Retainers

From £104.00 ex VAT

Dorgard SmartSound Fire Door Retainer has enhanced sound recognition and can be installed in busy environments such as cafes and large office spaces.

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Dorgard Pro Fire Door Retainer System

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Dorgard Pro Fire Door Retainer System is the perfect system for noisy environments such as schools and hospitals.

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Why do you need a Dorgard?

Fire doors are an essential part of the fire safety precautions within a building and are designed to slow and prevent the spread of fire.

Unfortunately the importance of fire doors is often forgotten or ignored because they are seen as an inconvenience. More often than not they will be wedged open to allow for free passage or ventilation during the warmer summer months.

This is not only illegal and dangerous but is also a direct violation of fire safety regulations in the UK.

Dorgard is a legal solution

Dorgard is a wireless fire door holder which enables fire doors to be held open legally and safely while allowing them to close in the event of a fire. Available online from £86.49 ex VAT and now with free shipping, Dorgard is cost effective and requires no specialist installation or cables.

Recognised and Approved

Dorgard fire door holders have been tested and certified to BS EN 1155:1997 and BS7273-4 Category B/Normal. They are recognised and accepted by fire authorities throughout the UK and are currently installed in many prestigious locations such as Buckingham Palace, BBC Television Centre and Silverstone.

How Does Dorgard Work?

The Dorgard is a legal fire door holder which utilises accoustic sensing technology to detect sounding fire alarms exceeding 65dB.

When the plunger is depressed the rubber foot of the Dorgard comes into contact with the floor which prevents the fire door from closing, preventing the spread of fire and toxic smoke.

Once the sound level is detected it is verified over a 14 second period, after verification the Dorgard fire door holder will automatically release the rubber foot (within approximately 20 seconds) allowing the fire door to close under the pressure of the door closer.

Deafgard Travel Fire Alarm Monitor

From £299.00 ex VAT

Deafgard Portable Fire Alarm Monitor will alert the deaf and hard of hearing in the event of a fire.

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Freedor SmartSound Free-Swing Door Closer

From £294.99 ex VAT

Freedor SmartSound Free-Swing Door Closer enables you to open your fire door with effortless ease.

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Germgard Smart Hand Sanitising System

From £439.99 ex VAT

Germgard Smart Hand Sanitising Systems promote good hygiene and reduce the risk of viruses and germs spreading.

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