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Freedor Pro Free-Swing Fire Door Closer System

The Freedor Pro is an overhead fire door closer with free-swing functionality to take the weight out of doors up to Power Size 3 (60kg / 950mm). Part of Fireco's Pro Fire Door Retainer System, a complete fire door retainer and closer solution, which enables you to hold your fire doors open legally while ensuring that they will release to close in an emergency. Fire door retention improves ventilation and ease of movement within a building, as well as air quality. These systems are ideal for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and businesses with high levels of foot traffic.

  • ProHub directly connects to the existing fire alarm panel – no risk of false activations from ambient noise
  • Ideal for large noisy premises and public buildings with high levels of foot traffic
  • Connect up to 500 retainer devices in one system
  • Monitor the status of your system from the central control panel, or remotely with InSite Site Manager cloud portal

To ensure that your system has been optimised for your individual setting, we carry out a FREE site survey.

Free Site Survey
Product Overview

The Freedor Pro, part of Fireco's Pro Range system, is an EN power size 3 overhead fire door closer which connects to a building's fire alarm system via a ProHub interface. The battery-powered electromagnetic free-swing functionality takes the weight off the door and allows it to remain open at any angle until the building's fire alarm system activates, sending a wireless signal from the ProHub to release all connected Freedor Pro and Dorgard Pro units. Heavy fire doors can be held open or feel weightless with no closing force applied until the fire alarm activates, enabling free and easy movement throughout the building for all staff and occupants – especially the mobility-impaired, the elderly, and children – while still maintaining your legal obligation of keeping fire doors closed to prevent the spread of fire

The Fireco Pro Range system of fire door closers and retainers does not react to ambient noise or need to be training on the sound of each premises' fire alarm system, reducing the chances of false activation to almost nil. The Fireco Pro Range system is suitable for any sized business with the ability to control up to 500 connected fire door closers and retainers.

The process in three easy steps:

  1. Completion of your FREE site survey. Our engineer will come and inspect your site, making proposals and recommendations.
  2. You receive a report and quotation detailing your specific requirements.
  3. Once you are happy with your quote our engineer will arrange a date with you for the installation and testing of your system.
  • Free-swing functionality takes the weight off the door and allows it to remain open at any angle
  • Provides freedom of movement throughout the building for all occupants
  • Direct connection to existing alarm systems prevents false activations from ambient sound
  • Simple LED indicators show system status at a glance
  • InSite cloud portal available for monitoring device status, manual control, and timer scheduling
  • Suitable for fire doors up to EN power size 3
  • Available with a silver or brass finish
  • Free extended 5 year warranty from Safelincs
  • Tested to BS EN 1634-1 on FD30 doorsets, exposed and unexposed faces
  • Suitable for installations conforming to BS 7273-4: 2015 Critical (Category A)
How It Works

Fireco ProHub

Fireco ProHub

At the centre of the system is the Fireco ProHub, which remains in constant radio contact with all connected Dorgard Pro retainers and Freedor Pro free-swing closers, allowing it to monitor their battery status and alert you of any faults. The InSite Site Manager cloud based remote management system gives you the ability to check the system status from anywhere. The ProHub is hardwired directly to your existing alarm panel and will send a signal to all Pro Range units wirelessly connected to the system when the fire alarm activates.

Upon receiving the signal from the ProHub the Pro Range retainers and closers will release, ensuring that your fire doors can close and prevent the spread of fire. There are two models of ProHub: 240V mains with optional backup battery, or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Dorgard Pro Fire Door Retainer

Dorgard Pro Fire Door Retainer

A key component of Fireco's Pro Fire Door Retainer system are Dorgard Pro fire door retainers, which incorporate the latest components and technology. Available in black or white, the Dorgard Pro fire door retainer is constructed from tough and durable, impact resistant ABS plastic. Each unit is fitted with energy efficient elements, which enables the Dorgard Pro to last 1 – 2 years on a single set of batteries.

Freedor Pro Overhead Fire Door Closer

Freedor Pro Overhead Fire Door Closer

A completely wireless and battery operated free-swing fire door closer, the Freedor Pro takes the weight off and allows doors to be moved freely, and left open at any angle. This allows freedom of movement around a building for all occupants, but is especially beneficial to the mobility-impaired, children, and older people as closing a door for privacy no longer means struggling to open it again later. Available in silver, brass, gloss white, and matte black finishes.

DorMag Pro Magnetic Fire Door Holder

DorMag Pro Magnetic Fire Door Holder

The newest component of Fireco's Pro Fire Door Retainer system, DorMag Pro units use magnetic 'hold and release' technology to legally retain fire doors, while ensuring that they will deactivate to close the door in the event of a fire. These units rely on radio technology for emergency deactivation, preventing false activations from ambient sounds. Installation at the top of the door reduces the risk of tampering in public buildings. These units are constructed using durable ABS plastic, and can retain fire doors up to EN power size 5.

Fireco ProExtender

Fireco ProExtender

In a typical building the Fireco ProHub has an impressive 40-50m range, though the exact range will be influenced by the construction and function of your building. Our engineer will be able to assess the range of the transmitter within your premises, making recommendations bespoke to your requirements. The system's range can be increased on larger sites by adding Fireco ProExtender units. Up to 8 ProExtender units can be included in a system, with up to 64 Dorgard Pro and Freedor Pro units being interconnected into the system per ProHub / ProExtender. A maximum of 500 Pro Range retainers and closers can be connected and controlled by the system.

Dorgard Pro System Installation


Once your Fireco Pro Fire Door Retainer system has been designed by our trained specialist, one of our engineering team will book a date of installation that is convenient for you. The engineer will attend your site, installing your full system and testing it thoroughly to ensure everything works as it should.

After the Fireco Pro Fire Door Retainer system is installed, there is minimal maintenance required: a simple glance at the InSite Site Manager web portal will show you the current status of your system and give you peace of mind that all connected Dorgard Pro and Freedor Pro units are powered and connected.

Technical Data
Product Code FCFDPRO
Brand Fireco

BS 7273-4 Critical (Category A)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

Freedor Pro Fire Door Closer: 105 x 320 x 120mm

ProHub / ProExtender Midi: 260 x 240 x 55mm

ProHub / ProExtender Maxi: 325 x 245 x 90mm

EN Size

Power Size 3 (up to 60kg / 950mm)

Power Supply

Freedor Pro Fire Door Closer: 9V Alkaline Battery Pack

ProHub / ProExtender PoE: Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

ProHub / ProExtender Mains: 240V with optional battery backup

Weight 4.50kg
Product Datasheets

Excellent Warranty

This product is supplied with a 5 year manufacturers warranty as standard

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