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Fire Door Services

Fire doors are a critical aspect of fire safety in any building, being part of the structure's compartmentation to contain fires within areas of the building and slowing the spread of fire and smoke so that escape routes remain safe for as long as possible. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the responsible person of a company must ensure that fire doors are installed, maintained, and repaired as necessary to keep them fit for purpose at all times.

Safelincs offer a range of services and products to help ensure your premises has suitable fire doors which meet current standards and regulations, through every stage of the process. Our qualified surveyors and engineers can inspect existing fire doors, as well as measure, specify, and install new fire doors and frames with all essential hardware – purchased through our fire door configurator.

Fire Door Inspection

Our qualified inspectors will assess your fire doors to ensure they are fit for purpose. As part of the inspection, you will receive a full report that will detail which of your fire doors are compliant.

  • Nationwide service carried out by 3rd party certified inspectors
  • Full inspection including doors, frames, and hardware
  • Ensure fire doors throughout a site remain fit for purpose
  • Full report detailing compliant and non-compliant fire doors

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Fire Door Installation

For any fire doors purchased from Safelincs, we can offer a certified installation service carried out be qualified fire door installers. Fire doors should be installed correctly to ensure proper compartmentation.

  • Nationwide service carried out by certified fire door installers
  • Installation for all fire door sets & hardware purchased from Safelincs
  • Complete fire door and frame installation available
  • Experienced and knowledgeable installers

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Fire Door Measuring

When purchasing new or replacement fire doors, it is critical that accurate measurements are taken to ensure compliance with regulations. Our team can measure, specify and quote for the fire doors that you require.

  • Nationwide service carried out by qualified fire door surveyors
  • Ensures measurements for new and replacement fire doors are accurate
  • Suitable for replacing existing doors with or without frames
  • Includes quotation for necessary doors and hardware

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Dorgard Fire Door Retainer Installation

Enquire about our Dorgard Fire Door Retainer installation service. Once installed, the Dorgard provides a legal alternative to holding your fire doors open to provide maximum convenience in high traffic areas.

  • Installation by trained and experienced engineers
  • Peace of mind that your Dorgard installation is compliant
  • A safe and legal solution to holding fire doors open
  • Provides convenience in high-traffic areas of buildings

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Free Fire Door Inspection Checklist – PDF Download

Download and print our free fire door inspection checklist for Responsible Persons.

  • Free downloadable PDF to print
  • Use one checklist per door – print as many times as you like
  • Simple prompts for what to check and advice on what to look for
  • Space for noting action points

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