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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

A range of maintained and non-maintained bulkhead lights, spotlights and exit signs for indoor and outdoor use.

From £13.80 inc VAT

Fire Exit Signs

Exit Signs and Escape Route Marking

Fire exit signs and route guidance including illuminated and photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) directional signs.

From £2.75 inc VAT

Slave Lights & Exit Signs

Emergency Lighting Slave Luminaire Units For Central Battery Systems

Slave emergency lights and slave fire exit signs for central battery-powered emergency lighting systems. 

From £42.47 inc VAT

Self-Testing Lighting & Signs

A full range of self-test emergency lighting bulkheads, emergency fire escape route sign boxes and emergency fire escape route sign blades

Self-testing emergency lights and emergency exit signs cut out the cost of regular manual testing of your emergency lighting.

From £34.55 inc VAT

Safety Signs

Fire Safety Equipment Signs

A range of safety signs including extinguisher ID signs, warning signs, safety equipment signs, fire exit and fire door signs.

From £1.07 inc VAT

Work Lighting & Site Lights

More info about Work Lighting & Site Lights

Site lighting and work lighting including torches for close work and work lights to illuminate larger areas where there is little or no natural light

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Escape Route Markings

A range of solutions for marking escape routes outside of standard or illuminated Fire Exit signage.

A range of high quality solutions for marking escape routes outside of standard or illuminated Fire Exit signage.

From £14.03 inc VAT

Safety Posters

Health & Safety posters offer guidance for a range of workplace risks and emergency situations.

Our Health and Safety posters provide guidance for a range of workplace risks and emergency situations.

From £16.43 inc VAT

Spares and Accessories

Emergency Lighting Spares Parts And Accessories

A range of emergency lighting spares & accessories suitable for our extensive range of emergency lighting & escape route signs.

From £1.07 inc VAT

Non-Emergency Lighting

More info about Non-Emergency Lighting

A range of mains-powered light fittings designed for general use rather than to provide emergency illumination.

From £29.99 inc VAT

Help & Advice

Emergency Lighting & Signs Help & Advice

A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements.

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Product Videos

Emergency Lighting & Signs Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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What is Emergency Lighting

What is Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides lighting when the electrical power supply in a building fails. This allows safe evacuation, the shut-down of critical processes or even continuation of work. 'Emergency Escape Lighting' provides the lighting for the evacuation process or a safe shut-down, while 'Standby Lighting' allows normal activities to continue.

Maintained and Non-Maintained Lighting

Maintained and Non-Maintained Lighting

Maintained emergency lights remains on all the time. This mode is primarily applied in places of assembly such as cinemas, theatres, clubs and halls preventing total darkness if the room lighting gets dimmed as part of the function of the building. Non-maintained emergency lights only come on when the electrical power supply fails. Typically used in workplaces.

LED Emergency Lights and Energy Savings

LED Emergency Lights and Energy Savings

Where possible non-maintained emergency lights should be used to reduce power consumption. LED emergency lights reduce electricity consumption even further. Not only is the lighting using less power when switched on but the trickle charge for the topping-up of the back-up battery inside the unit is reduced. The maintenance cost for LED lighting is also lower, as the LED elements last significantly longer than ordinary emergency lighting fluorescent tubes.

Maintenance Frequencies for Emergency Lighting

Maintenance Frequencies for Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting connected to the mains wiring should be tested monthly by interrupting the power supply to the emergency lights and verifying the correct function of the lights. An annual test is required to check the lights AND the batteries. To do this the power supply is interrupted and the emergency lights are left on for a specified period (often 3 hours). At the end of this period the lights still have to be on or the battery (and possibly tube) must be replaced.

These tests should preferably be carried out out of hours to prevent a potential emergency situation after all emergency lights have been drained. Alternatively, every second light can be tested or some temporary battery powered lighting be provided.


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