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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms and Radio-linked Smoke Alarms with Manual Break Points

Smoke and heat alarms as well as accessories from leading manufacturers, battery or mains powered.

From £1.19 inc VAT

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO Alarms)

CO Detectors

Carbon Monoxide alarms (CO alarms) designed for residential use, available in battery & mains power options, with up to 10 year life.

From £13.07 inc VAT

Combined Smoke & CO Alarms

A selection of domestic alarms that combine smoke and CO detectors into a single device.

A selection of domestic alarms that combine smoke and CO detectors into a single device, easing maintenance and saving lives.

From £18.60 inc VAT

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Panels and Systems

We have a range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems and accessories, as well as infrared and UV detector units.

From £515.99 inc VAT

Site Fire Alarms

More info about Site Fire Alarms

A range of internal and external site alarms with multiple activation options and features, fire alarm bells, air horns and more.

From £1.79 inc VAT

Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors

Portable and fixed gas detection for business and personal use from leading manufacturers AMS, Honeywell and Nereus.

From £77.99 inc VAT

Detector Testing Equipment

Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Testing Equipment

Be prepared with our range of No Climb smoke, heat & CO detector testing equipment & additional replacement accessories.

From £11.15 inc VAT

Vandal Protection

Anti-vandal cages and covers for smoke alarms and fire alarm devices

A range of anti-vandal covers and cages designed to protect your smoke alarms and fire alarm system products from vandalism and misuse.

From £4.79 inc VAT

Call Point Covers

Call Point Covers

A range of protective covers for flush or surface mounted call points for fire alarm & door access control applications.

From £21.47 inc VAT

Help & Advice

Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection Help & Advice A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements. View Help & Advice
Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection

Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection

Kitemarked and CE Marked smoke, CO and gas detectors from the world's leading manufacturers.