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Emergency Pads (Push Pads) with Latches & Bolts

Emergency Bolts and Push Pads (for Commercial Buildings)

Emergency push pads with latches and bolts are for use on exit doors. They are only to be installed on doors used by staff familiar with the building.

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Panic Bars (Push Bars) with Latches & Bolts

Panic bars for Public Buildings

Panic bars are installed on exit doors. They are designed to be fitted to doors used by people not familiar with a building and in public buildings.

From £31.07 inc VAT

External Outside Access Devices

External Access for Fire Exit Doors

External access devices allow access through fire exit doors from the outside without compromising the building's security or safe escape provisions.

From £69.35 inc VAT

Fire Exit Door Security

Fire Door Security

Fire exit door alarms & anti-tamper devices discourage unauthorized use of fire exit doors & can offer warning of misuse to staff.

From £3.23 inc VAT

Access Control Systems & Magnetic Locks

Access Control - Maglocks and Fob Entry

A range of access control devices including maglock kits available with keypad or proximity reader and fob entry systems.

From £7.67 inc VAT

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

Buy illuminated fire exit signs, including wall mounted signs, hanging signs and recessed signs for suspended ceilings to clearly guide users to safety.

From £31.43 inc VAT

Fire Exit Door Signs

Fire Exit Door Signs

A range of self adhesive, photoluminescent fire exit door signs. These signs remind people to keep fire exits clear or give instructions about the fire exit.

From £5.03 inc VAT

Fire Exit Marking

More info about Photoluminescent Fire Exit Marking

A range of photoluminescent escape route markings including a variety of photoluminescent fire exit signs, paints, tapes, illuminated signs and more.

From £5.03 inc VAT

Key Boxes and Key Guards

Key Boxes and Key Guards

Key boxes hold keys for fire exit doors to be used in an emergency, only. They reduce the misuse of fire exits as the glass has to be broken to access the keys.

From £5.03 inc VAT

Help & Advice

Fire Exit Equipment Help & Advice

A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements.

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Product Videos

Fire Exit Equipment Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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Fire Exit Equipment

Fire Exit Equipment

A range of fire exit equipment including panic bars, emergency push pads, access control devices and key boxes from leading manufacturers.


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